Saturday Sweats with Celebrity Trainer Kaley Hatfield

It’s time to break another Saturday sweat with celebrity trainer and professional dancer Kaley Hatfield! In today’s workout Kaley gave us the ultimate core crushing routine that burns over 500 calories in only 30 minutes! Talk about a total body burn!

In this workout Kaley reminds us to give it our all during 45 second reps and then rest for 15 seconds! She has us do three laps of each circuit to get the most out of this high energy half hour workout!

Circuit A

Circuit A starts off with classic jumping jacks into “twisting punch jacks.” This duo is then followed by little to big squats. The burn is just getting started as the circuit finishes with half burpees into hands off burpees! 

Circuit B

Circuit B continues the routine with a reverse lunge high knee into a “plyo lunge.” This dynamic duo is then followed by a tricep tap into a rocking plank! At this point in the routine we are definitely breaking a Saturday sweat and loving every minute of it! Circuit B concludes with four squat walks into a jump both backwards and forwards.

Circuit C

The core crushing workout is almost over, but not yet! Circuit C finishes strong with some high intensity steps that target our abs! This circuit begins with a sit up variation. Kaley reminds us to keep our body completely engaged during this sit up for the best results! The workout then includes “low plank spider mans.” This fun exercise will definitely have you feeling like a superhero once completed! Circuit C ends with a reverse crunch variation. This exercise targets our lower abs!

Today’s Tip By Kaley Hatfield

After you have completed your Saturday sweat it is important to eat a 70/30 ratio meal! This means your plate should have 70% protein and 30% carbs. Kaley recommends meals like a chicken quinoa bowl, fruit with almond butter, and chicken salad! She teaches us to pack the protein in to keep your body in the fat burning stage. Protein creates lean muscle tone & generates fat loss. Kaley concludes this tip by reminding us to always remember to drink water, move often & be kind to yourself and others!

Be sure to tune in next Saturday at 11 a.m. PST for the next 30 minute live workout!

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