‘Save Rock And Roll’ Goes Platinum In United Kingdom

Fall Out Boy’s 2013 album “Save Rock and Roll” is certified platinum in the United Kingdom.

It now has reached over 300,000 sales in the UK. 

“My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” was the first released single from the album and now has over 600,000 sales, which makes it a platinum single. So not only does the band have a platinum album, but also a platinum single.

The album was teased after their comeback in 2012 after a three year hiatus and fans were very excited for it. 

The album included songs like “Alone Together,” “Young Volcanoes,” and “The Phoenix,” all of which are now silver records.

The band’s revival album featured several big names in music to sing with them like Courtney Love, Foxes, Big Sean, and Sir Elton John. Fall Out Boy also released a series of videos called “The Young Blood Chronicles” to go with it, which created a story plot for the entire album. 

The album is the band’s attempt to “save rock and roll” and bring back the sound fans loved. 

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