Scoop Sorority: Entering Senior

Scoop Sorority: Entering Senior Year of College in 2020

Scoop Sorority: Entering Senior

Today on Scoop Sorority: Entering senior year of college in 2020. Fall 2020 for college students seems frightening, confusing, and dreadful, to say the least. It’s like, online classes again for a whole semester? COVID-19 even makes us incoming seniors question whether our expected graduation in spring of 2021 will be held virtually or face-to-face. Will we have to wear face masks? Truly, it is an occurrence no one could ever see coming. However, we should make the best of it no matter the circumstances. Congrats to the class of 2020–if you have any advice for incoming graduating seniors, definitely share with them your experience about how you coped during such a questionably confusing and stressful time

Most college campuses have already made the decision to hold classes via Zoom for the Fall 2020 semester, or quarter, due to the coronavirus pandemic. My college campus, California State University, Los Angeles is one of the many universities that will remain closed for fall, which means classes will take place completely online. I think it is extremely crucial for all of us to stay home, and I appreciate college campuses for implementing such safety measures. Considering the increasing amount of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles, this is the safest approach to take. On the down side, this means no face-to-face social interaction, no hands on training, and no full college experience–it’s really upsetting for me. And I’m sure it is upsetting for many other students who are part of a program that requires hands-on training. Needless to say, this also sets us back from personally networking with colleagues or professionals in our field of study.  

Scoop Sorority: Entering Senior

Despite this, several businesses, schools, and organizations have adopted new ways to smoothly navigate online, which is helpful for future graduates and  workers. Yes, things are difficult. Sure, we may not like going to “class” behind our laptop cameras. No, we don’t know what the future may hold, but let’s stay hopeful that things will get better. So for those of you entering senior year of college in 2020 remember: you’re not alone, and you CAN DO THIS!

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