Scoop Sorority: Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I love my comfort zone. I mean, who doesn’t really? It’s meant for you to feel comfortable so naturally we prefer to live our lives in it, right? It’s nice and safe in there but it can get a little boring and lonely. 

I admittedly have spent the majority of my college experience in my comfort zone. I had a tendency to just go to class and go home. It wasn’t terrible but like I said, it got a bit lonely. I guess I thought I didn’t need anymore friends. I was pretty busy and not in the best place mentally, I didn’t have the time or the energy. 

Unexpectedly, however, I woke up one day and I felt a little better. I wanted to reconnect with my old friends and I wanted to be more present. I was more vocal in class, I was friendlier, I stood up for myself, I felt like a different person. I started dressing the way I had always wanted to and gained more confidence. 

It was around this time that I met the person who would become one of my closest friends and fill my life with more laughter and joy. I wanted to keep him in my life so we hung out, we ate together, watched movies together, made each other laugh, comforted each other when it was needed and we’ve been doing it ever since. 

Sometimes I think of how differently that all could’ve gone if I was still stuck in my comfort zone. I would have missed out on making my new friends. I wouldn’t have the person that I want to laugh with for the end of time. I would’ve missed out on so many new experiences. 

If you’re reading this, this is your wake up call. Your life is too precious to waste another second of it in the comfort zone. 

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