Scoop Sorority: Growing a Business While In College

College Business

Sergio Calabasas, a 4th year student at California State University, Los Angeles does not live a typical college student lifestyle. In fact, at only 21 years old he owns his own business—a successful one at that. While growing a business during college sounds like a tough task, Sergio shares that the challenges are actually beneficial for his growth.

It all started in 2017. Sergio began designing T-shirts with just a pencil in his hand, an idea in his head, and a piece of paper to sketch on. Much of his work is inspired by Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Brockhampton, among many other pop artists. His determination, talent, and passion for art led him to get started on his dream business venture. He also pays tribute to his friend, Francisco, whom “always pushed, motivated, and invested” in his artistic, creative vision. As he began using Photoshop for his graphic designs, his ideas became reality and shortly thereafter, he set forth to launching his own business.

The Scotts Tee by Sergio Calabasas

In October of 2018, he shared a Frank Ocean poster he created, via Twitter and to say the least, his talent did not go unnoticed. In fact, it went viral; his twitter page and his designs received a lot of positive attention. He gained a large following as well as an immense amount of support for his t-shirt designs, and as a result, he began consistently posting more of his work on social media platforms. Due to popular demand, his T-shirt business emerged and it rapidly took flight. Let’s just say, it was nothing short of success! Every time he releases a new T-shirt design, his followers go crazy for it and it shows–the tee’s are always sold out within 10-15 minutes of their drop.

Growing a business while being a full-time college student, Sergio finds that the biggest obstacle he faces is finding free time. From studying for upcoming exams, to daily work entailed by his growing business, he’s learned to prioritize and manage his time accordingly. Despite the difficult work load he’s taken up on, he shares “any challenge is really a benefit to me because I learn so much from it.”

Bad Bunny Tee by Sergio Calabasas

As he hopes for a bright future for his growing business, he also wishes to work for a company that specializes in graphic design. He wants to take what he learns from his experience and share it with his friends to start another business. “I don’t consider myself a graphic designer, I consider myself an artist,” says Sergio. He continues, “I want to do many things. I want to do fashion, I want to design cool T-shirts, make films, I want to help push forward pop culture.”

Currently, his tee’s are sold out, but his one of a kind work can be found on–you can also check out his social media for upcoming releases. One thing is certain: through his creative talent, artistic vision, and consistent effort, he will achieve a much further level of success as he wraps up his college career.


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