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Your 21st birthday is one of the most important and fun birthdays of your life! You are an official, official adult and you can finally drink! Covid has made it pretty difficult to have parties and get together like usual, but there are so many other fun alternatives that you can do to have the best 21st birthday! Here are some tips and ideas for your 21st!

Dinner With Family 

Many restaurants are open for in person dining. You can go to Mastro’s Steakhouse, Nobu Malibu, or any popular eating spot to celebrate a classy dinner with your family. You can dress up and eat the meal of your life! Sometimes going classy and simple on an important birthday really makes everything so nice and memorable! 

Virtual Drinks With Friends

Since you can’t throw a big party with friends, maybe having a virtual drinking night with all of them can be just as fun! Everyone can grab their drink of choice and y’all can play games, listen to music, and just talk. You can even spice it up by dressing up and having a theme to it. 

Picnic With Friends

Picnics are a great way to get outdoors and really spend safe in person times with your friends. It allows for amazing photo ops and just good vibes. Bring your speaker, your favorite fruits and foods, and just enjoy the day. Don’t forget to bring some drinks! You can have a picnic at a park, by a view, or even at the beach! The opportunities are endless with this one!

Backyard Outdoor Movie Night

Set up a huge projector, put out some pillows and blankets and enjoy the night sky with your best friends. Play a movie that screams 21st birthday and just live it up. You can play music, eat takeout food and have a cute and comfy night in with your friends. This is a more simple and chill way to bring in your 21st!

Brunch With The Girls

Brunch is never a bad idea. Bottomless mimosas? Yes please! They are so delicious and always a fun time. You can go out to brunch and then go on a boat ride after with your closest friends! Dress up and take cute pictures with your adorable french toast! Brunch is something most people don’t think of but it is such an adorable idea!

Road Trip With The Girls 

Covid has made traveling very difficult, but road trips are one of the recommended forms of traveling for safety. Get in the car and go somewhere fun and different with your best friends. Make sure to plan photo ready stops along the way and just have the best time. This is another very laid back idea, but still a great way to really have a memorable time. 

No matter what you decide to do on your 21st, make sure to be safe and have an amazing time! Whether you remember it or not, that is another question! 

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