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COVID-19 isolated everyone. Isolation, no matter how introverted you are, can take a toll on a person’s mental health. Human interaction is good for everyone. So, here are some tips on how to safely staycation with some friends or even virtually. 

My friends and I went to a beach house in New Jersey. Luckily, it’s owned by one of our friends. We knew everything about it and who had been in it. We all decided that, 2 weeks before the trip, we would all quarantine in our homes and avoid going out unless it was absolutely necessary. All to lessen the risk of spreading the virus. 


If you don’t have the option of going to a different house, then don’t worry! You can have a wine night with your friends via Zoom or go to an outdoor restaurant, if those are available in your area. 

If you’re going to be together, just make sure you all bring masks.

If you plan to go places, always call beforehand. Ask about their safety procedures and what they’ve done to keep their place of business clean. They’ll always tell you because they want your business. Also, it doesn’t hurt to know. 

Our Staycation

My friends and I did an Escape the Room together. We found out that the place had a brand new escape room that could fit up to 7 people in the room. They told us that they clean and sanitize every room before and after a new group comes in. Also, masks are required in the lobby (unless for post-room pictures), but not the room. It was a really fun time and it helped us to bond. 

Spoiler alert: we escaped with nine minutes to spare.


We also played a lot of board and video games together in the house.

One game we play something is called Werewolf . It’s a game where you have to figure out who the werewolf is before they kill other villagers. It’s a game on the phone and it’s really fun!

We avoided eating out a lot. So, we stayed in and all pre-cooked or cooked fresh products and chipped in with groceries and cleaning. 

There are plenty of ways to interact with people in person and online. Make sure you’re checking in on friends and family. Try a staycation! Do research before you go away to a certain area and try to plan your time before you go!

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