Scoop Sorority: Keeping Your Planner Clean And Organized


If you’ve ever felt like your week was way too chaotic and you didn’t know what was due when or who you had to meet, then you might need to get a planner. Planners help keep schedules in order and may even help you keep a routine

Studies say that having a hard-copy paper planner is a little better on the brain than having a digital one, but the preference is up to the user. 

These little pocket notebooks normally have daily, weekly, and monthly calendars and schedule pages. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, many paper planners have sheets for chores, yearly or weekly goals, grocery lists, contact names, or birthdays! Many of them even have stickers, so you have jazz up your pages.

A planner is really good if you tend to be more on the scatterbrained side. 


If you’re thinking, “Well, I want a planner, but I don’t know where to find good ones!” Don’t worry. Michael’s Craft Store has really good options that aren’t super expensive. If you’re not into the big chain, then you can find several paper and digital options on Etsy, where you can support small businesses and get a cute planner too. Pellatini is also another really good planner company. They even have special pens and stickers you can buy to match your needs!

So, you’ve gotten your planner, but what happens now? If you think you’ll mess up organization of your planner, no worries! We’ve got some tips for you to follow to keep with your planner all year round!

Set Aside A Day And Time To Write

If you think this is only for bullet journaling, you would be so wrong! Setting a day to write your week down in your planner is super important. 

You can sit down on a Sunday afternoon or evening, after you’ve done everything you have to, and give yourself an overview of your week to come. If you have a daily schedule page in there, too, you can take a few minutes at the end (or beginning) of your day, meditate, and write down your events for the next day. 


Color Coordination

The biggest help for most people is to actually color coordinate things. 

Think about it. When you were in grade school, you had to organize your notebooks by color. Green was  science, math was red, English was blue. It all made sense in your head. 

When organizing, it’s important to have certain subjects or events in specific colors. This will help your memory along with the hand movements of writing things down. Be sure not to have too many colors, as this may be counterproductive.


Stickers are sort of just a fun way to keep your notebook looking upbeat. Sometimes they’re really good for marking down parties or giving yourself a little bit of extra marking space, where you wouldn’t have had it previously!


What good is a planner if you’re not up to date with it? You have to make sure that you’re keeping your updating as frequent as possible. A routine can form in about 30 days, so make sure you’re doing your planner work for about a month to get into the full swing of it!

If you follow these steps and add what works best for you, you should be back on track in no time! Getting life together can be hard, but there’s nothing wrong with trying your best to succeed! Everyone has to start somewhere.

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