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You can’t spell “social media” without me. But, you can spell “me” without social media.

What is the point of this really bad joke?

It’s my way of saying that social media needs me (or all of us) to function but I don’t need it. That’s not to say I haven’t spent hours scrolling through Instagram or TikTok (which I have since deleted). But, I’m one of those Gen Z-ers who didn’t even get a real social media account until after I graduated high school.

social media

Well, that’s actually not true now that I think about the accounts I do have. Just to take inventory, I have an Instagram (or three) that I rarely post on, a Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter that I never post on, and a Tumblr.

I actually forgot that I have a Snapchat.

Other than Tumblr, I only have social media accounts to keep in contact with friends or family members. And to read webcomics and look at amazing art that inspires my own creativity.

I literally made my Twitter account this past March because I needed to find old Tweets from DreamWorks for a class project. I was writing a paper about queerbaiting but that is a story for another time.

I’m not much of a social butterfly in person. So, is it much of a surprise that I don’t utilize social media to the fullest? I mean, maybe if I made an account where no one knew it was me, I would be more open to share.

Well, technically, that would be my Tumblr account. Only two people out of almost 300 that follow me actually know me in real life. I have…no idea why those other people are following me. I don’t post anything original (anymore) and I don’t make conversation with people.

social media

But, I digress.

Social media is something that I’ve always been iffy about. Sharing details about myself is not something I do often. Also, I don’t understand how to post to get maximum attention. While I know that’s not something I should worry about, if I post something, it’s because I want people to know. So, maximum attention needed.

There’s this aura surrounding social media that makes me feel awful for never posting. But, then I remember that I don’t want or need people to know my business. Which is why I rarely post. Although, I do use my Instagram story and Tumblr to share resources on the Black Lives Matter movement and any other injustices. 

I know that moving forward, I will have to use social media more effectively. I’ll need to create a portfolio/website and show off my accomplishments to attract employers. But, for now, I’m enjoying being mysterious about my own life.

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