Scoop Sorority: My Parking Experience


On today’s episode of Scoop Sorority, we are going to talk about parking. It can be a stressful situation trying to find a spot to park your car when the lot looks full. Today, I am going to share with you my parking experience and give you some advice to help alleviate some stress from the situation.

Public Transit

First off, if you can take public transit, I definitely suggest you do that. If you get a bus pass, it will most likely be discounted if you are a student. It will be more cost effective and better for the environment, which is always a plus. You will save money on gas and the short walk home will be good for your physical and mental health. I used to take the bus my first couple semesters of college before I finally got my license. 

Cost of a Parking Pass

When I finally passed my driver’s test, I was able to drive to school. I am not going to lie, it was nice not having to wait in the heat or rain for the bus anymore. I also enjoyed being able to get home as soon as possible after a long day of classes. However, the cost of the parking pass was very disappointing. Tuition was expensive enough and it just felt like the school was leeching for more money. 


Tips On Campus Parking

Sometimes I found that the parking structures were completely full. My primary advice is to arrive earlier to allow yourself more time to look and not be late for your class. Next, I suggest to look into off-campus parking if your school offers that. One trick I also picked up that usually worked was to park in the farther away areas. It’s kind of funny but a lot of people are lazy and don’t want to walk so they will only park in the spaces close to the buildings leaving the far away spaces empty. Save yourself the stress and lose a few extra calories! 

Thankfully, my college built a brand new parking structure recently which alleviated a shit ton of stress from my parking situation. If it is really important to you I suggest researching your future schools parking situation. 


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