Scoop Sorority: Running Big Clubs On Campus Is Tough 2020

COVID-19 dumped students all around the world out of their campuses and into their homes. 

This random uprooting kind of threw sororities, campus TV stations, and other big organizations for a loop because we had to learn to adjust to working online to finish the semester.

This year, I was a part of Kappa Delta Sorority as well as a skit-comedy show on our campus called Quinnipiac Tonight,part of Q30 TV. We’re like SNL, but we like to think we’re funnier. 

Normally our set up consists of a huge stage in the middle of our gathering area, the Piazza, a whole array of chairs, cameras to livestream, and a bunch of techy stuff that we needed! It’s nearly impossible to run a show like ours without everything being hooked up.

That was quickly taken away and we had to learn how to put on the show without these tools.

Our Executive Producers scrambled to put together shows via Zoom. We would have weekly meetings on Zoom, pitch ideas, and write segments. 

Next came the harder part which was recording, and making scenes seem genuine, through Zoom. The associate producers would edit together what we had filmed to create some pretty cool segments like Zoom Prom. We even did a segment like Weekend Update called Hot Goss.

Now, I’m in charge of this same club and we’ve gotten radio silence from our school on what we’re really meant to do.

Our shows normally tend to bring in a decent sized crowd and our chairs are close together. Since we haven’t heard anything from our university, my other executive producer and I have decided to go with our best judgment and keep everything “business as usual.” 

“Business as usual” is a total oxymoron, as it’s not usual and not going to be the same. The only thing that will be the same is that we want to keep the shows live, but limit the crowd and set up our show seating distanced from one another. We also want to keep our segments pretty low-contact physically, so no one really has to get all touchy with each other. 

If all else fails, we’ll have to go completely virtual again and no one really wants that.

Many schools aren’t letting anyone back onto campus, come the fall, so we’re grateful that we even have entry to our campus. We just need to know more about the precautions we’re taking to keep COVID-19 from spreading further. 

Be safe. Please do research about COVID-19.  

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