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Scoop Sorority: Tips On Self Care for a Stressful Semester

Self-care is necessary when going through a tough semester. School, work, and other obligations can become stressful during the fall season. It is essential always to take time for yourself and relax.

Mental health is essential to a successful and healthy life. Taking care of your physical body as well as your mind is critical to optimal work abilities. Here is a list of tips on how to take some time for your body, mind, and soul during stressful times.

Go Easy on Yourself

The first tip is, go easy on yourself! If you are a perfectionist, try your best to go easy on yourself. If something doesn’t go perfectly, don’t get down on yourself. Instead, please take it as a moment of learning and experience. Take the lesson into your future endeavors. Take time to reflect and grow from past experiences.

Schedule Phone Time

Work can get rigid, especially if you are doing it for long hours. Take time and schedule outbreak times. Do work for 30-45 minute intervals with 5-10 minute phone breaks. This ensures you do not go on your phone for hours by accident and take mind breaks before challenging work periods.


Drink a Lot of Water

Hydration is great for bloating and for keeping a more lively feeling. Water allows you to clear your body of any toxins and enable you to stay hydrated. Hydration can often be mistaken for hunger, so drinking water will also help avoid urges during intense study sessions.

Face Mask or Skin Care

Skincare is critical during stressful times. Skin is more prone to acne during periods of high stress, so taking good care of your skin will help you feel more relaxed and clear-minded. The last thing you want to see is a broken out face after a long night of studying. Take care of your skin and even wear a mask while you get your work done.


Get Plenty of Sleep

Do not sacrifice sleep. Make time for sleeping. Even naps are a great option to catch up on sleep and rejuvenate the body. Sleeping allows your body to rest correctly to have natural energy for the following day.



Working out is proven to promote good feelings in the mind and body. Breaking a sweat will make you feel more accomplished and is a great stress reliever. Even going for a walk will allow you to clear your mind and reconnect with your mind and body.

go out

Go Out With Friends And Family

Taking time for loved ones is a great way to disconnect from your work and allow for a bit of fun! Balance is key to success and scheduling time for friends and family is necessary during a stressful semester.

reward yourself

Reward Yourself 

Every once and a while, it is great to reward yourself with a sweet treat. After a long hour of note-taking, eat a small piece of chocolate to reward yourself. This is an excellent form of motivation and will make your studying less boring.

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