‘Selling Sunset’ Star Amanza Smith Talks Upcoming Seasons

Today on EntScoop Chats our host, Kelly Gilmore, spoke with Amanza Smith!

The star of Netflix’s hit reality show “Selling Sunset” shares with us details on the upcoming seasons of the show and about her design career!

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Coming Next Season

Amanza is asked what fans can expect from upcoming seasons of “Selling Sunset.” She is very excited to film because she has spent a lot of time at home due to the pandemic.

One thing that she knows will. be a storyline is the fact that Christine is about to have a baby. Christine Quinn recently grazed the cover of Vogue while pregnant looking absolutely stunning. “She’s ridiculous,” Amanza laughs. 

Amanza also hopes that the producers will allow her to include a bit about her design career into the show. Recently, she has gotten back into interior design and furniture making. During the pandemic, she was unable to make any new connections in real estate, so she went back to her roots in design.

It has been reported that there will be new women on the next two seasons. Amanza says this is true. The Oppenheim Group opened a new brokerage in Orange County, so people had to be hired for that brokerage. However, he has not yet met any of the new realtors yet. 

Amanza’s Relationship with Her Co Stars

In previous seasons, viewers got a look into the feud between Amanza and Christine. Amanza assures us that since then, the two have reconciled and continued their friendship.

Amanza explains that she knew Christine personally before joining the Oppenheim Group. The two met through Mary Fitzgerald from when the two were once roommates. 

The two are so close in fact, that Amanza cannot wait to be a part of Christine’s journey into motherhood.

“I felt like I’m gonna have a baby,” Amanza shares her excitement. 

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the women interact when the show starts filming. Amanza doesn’t think that many of the other women don’t keep in touch with Christine. 

Amanza then gives insight to her other friendships with the group. She says that she met Mary within a year of meeting Jason and Brett about 20 years ago. She introduced Mary to the twins at a barbecue at her house. 

Amanza doesn’t feel like the new girl because she has known them for so long. She is just the new real estate agent. Jason and Amanza are very close friends, but there was definitely an adjustment period when they began to work together. There was a different dynamic once he became her boss. 

Design Career

Finally, Amanza and Kelly talk interior design. Design is Amanza’s passion, and that is what she went to school for.

Currently, she has a small design company, Amanza LLC. She does interior design for homes, commercial spaces, kids rooms, and even creates custom furniture pieces. 

Amanza believes that her company will soon grow. She even sas an investor and is working on creating a whole furniture line. 

In the past, she has come up with furniture collections. The breakup collection includes furniture with fun names like a ‘One Night Stand’ night stand. Currently, Amanza’s pieces are made to order, but she is hoping to have a showroom someday. 

While she is less confident in her budding real estate career, Amanza knows she can “design the shit out of anything.” 

Her design style is timeless. She tries to avoid current design trends, and is a huge advocate for old school brass. 

Just for Fun 

The interview ends with a few fun questions for Amanza. Currently her favorite snacks are popsicles. She has a ton of popsicles sticks lying around. Amanza’s go-to snacks are usually cherry tomatoes and mozzarella though.

Her dream vacation would be to go to the Maldives. However, she would be worried that she might get a bit bored staying in a hut over the water. 

Lastly, Amanza is asked, “If you were stuck on an island, which castmate would you bring with you and why?” Amanza says that she would probably bring Chrishell because she is a survivor and they would figure out how to fish. Plus, “she’s funny, and smart, and super hot.”

What are you most excited to see on “Selling Sunset” in season 4 and 5? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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Host: Kelly Gilmore Edited by: Giselle Lucero Written by: Vanessa Campbell

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