‘Selling Sunset’ Star Maya Vander Dishes About Upcoming Season

Our host, Kelly Gilmore ,sat down to chat with the fabulous realtor associate and star of Netflix’s “Selling Sunset”, Maya Vander. Maya dishes all about her “Selling Sunset” cast mates and the upcoming seasons!

Despite being a busy, working mom, Maya Vander took time to talk with us. She really is  a super mom.

Maya apologized for looking “like crap,” but honey, her skin is fabulous. She attributed her looks to the fact that she has been running around picking up her kids. She is wearing no makeup, but of course, still looks stunning. 

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What’s to Come on Season 4

Netflix has now officially announced that there will be a season four and a season five coming our way! Maya was asked what fans can look for in the upcoming seasons. 

Maya said that we will definitely be hearing about Christine’s pregnancy. Personally, she loves sharing her life and her children, but is not in charge of what gets put into the show.

Heather is getting married. Maya isn’t sure how much will be included of her and Tarek, but there is definitely a storyline there. 

Maya tells us that there are rumors that there might be a new addition to the cast and to the Oppenheim Group.

It’s been a full year since they last filmed, so we are very excited to see how the “Selling Sunset” cast  is when they are back in action. 

Living in Miami

As fans may know, Maya has opened up her own brokerage in Miami. She has opened the Maya Vander group in Miami.

Maya clarified that she doesn’t have her broker’s license yet, so she still works with a broker.

She says that things have been really hectic in her life since working in Miami. She is still working with LA connections. Currently, Vander is working with Davina to find a home for a client of hers. 

Once filming starts, Maya will resume to physically do real estate in LA.

Juggling Work and Filming

Kelly asked how Maya plans to juggle her hectic work schedule and filming in Los Angeles once that starts up again. Maya answers that she has no clue. When filming, “Selling Sunset” films four days a week.

Right now, her plan is to fly back and forth every week. This is what Maya did during season one of “Selling Sunset” when she was working in LA and her husband was in Miami.

During the summer she will probably stay for longer amounts of time in LA. Miami is hot in summer, so Los Angeles might be a better place to spend the summer.  However, Maya points out that she doesn’t want to lose momentum in Miami while working in LA. 

“I don’t know how i’m gonna do it, but I’m confident that I’ll get it done” Maya assures fans.

How Maya Feels About the Cast of “Selling Sunset”

Maya tries to stay in touch with everyone from the “Selling Sunset” cast. 

Kelly asks, “Have you spoken to Chrishell since her breakup?” Maya did message Chrishell to see if she is okay after reading about the breakup online.

About Chrishell, Maya said, “She’s doing well. She’s a strong woman. I want her to find someone nice.”

Until then, Maya will be looking out for who she can match Chrishell with. Maybe she needs someone outside of the entertainment industry. 

The two then discuss the fact that Brett is no longer with the Oppenheim Group. In spite of how it might look, there is no bad blood between the twins. For the sake of the family relationship, Brett simply decided to be his own broker. We will apparently see this play out in season four of “Selling Sunset.”

Then, Maya tells Kelly that she and Christine talk often. She told Christine “call me any time with any baby questions.”  Maya continued, “I am so happy and excited for her. She’s going to be a great mom.”

Something that is awesome about the show is that you see the cast go through these life milestones. People who watch the show relate to some people over others. 

Davina is no longer with the Oppenheim Group, but she and Maya still get along well. Maya said that it’s not fair for people to grill Davina for not selling the $75 million home because it is a very difficult thing to do. Davina still has a lot of real estate knowledge. 

Maya says that when the cameras aren’t rolling, the cast is the same. She isn’t a huge fan of confrontation or drama. Maya then joked that she might get more airtime if she did. However, sometimes the show shows a more dramatic, intense side of everyone. 

Will There be an Oppenheim Group in Miami?

There was previously talk that Jason might open an office in Miami, but he just opened an office in OC. We will probably see some of that in season four or five. 

Vander says that she and Jason have been working together, but there are not plans for a Miami Oppenheim Group at the moment. 

It is a big investment, so he needs to really want it. “You never know with Jason,” Maya pointed out. However, the market is so great in Miami, and the Oppenheim Group definitely fits in with the branding. 

There would definitely be great women around to cast for a “Selling Sunset” in Miami spinoff.

Will you be watching the next season of “Selling Sunset?” Drop a comment below and let us know!

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