Sex Games For You And Bae

Is Netflix and chill becoming too routine for you? Spice up your love life with a few fun sex games. Hopefully you are stuck at home with your significant other during this pandemic stay at home orders and can use the extra time for some adult experimentation. If not, some of these games can be played in groups as well, just in case your with a group of open singles that want to get a little crazy one night. These are three easy to play sex games that, depending on your comfort level with your partner, can be as vanilla or kinky as you want to make it. You might need a few drinks to get loose and really let go and have some fun.

  • Kinky Dice: All you need is one standard, six sided die and something to record your sexual acts of preference with like a piece of paper. Each partner gets assigned three numbers, two if there’s three of you (no judgement), and they will write down three sexual acts that they have always wanted to try, but never had the nerve to bring up. Rock, paper, scissors for who goes first and get to rolling. The numbers you roll will correlate to the sexual act one of you wrote down. Take turns until one of you taps out, or until a new six sexual acts are needed to reset the game. Don’t be afraid to try something new. The wilder the act, the better.
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  • Naked Twister: This one is more of a game for a party of singles. Depending on the participants, Twister is already a game of close encounters that may, or may not, become sexual at the spin of a wheel. Why not take it up a notch and remove your clothes? It is as simple as that. Just like in strip poker, with every failed position and move you must take off an article of clothing. As the game plays out, the less and less clothes the players will have. Depending on the group of singles, it may get crazy with three to four, naked people tangling up on a cheap plastic Twister mat. Add your favorite lubricant to the playing board if you really want to get crazy.
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  • Sex Stack: This last one is a simple Amazon purchase away from a night of sexual deviancy. Another twist on a classic game, Sex Stack is “… A Great Couples Game for you and someone special, or a group of really, REALLY, close friends! With over 160 unique elements to the game, you will never play the same way twice! Designed to bring you closer together and strengthen all your relationships with whoever is adventurous!” Basically it’s Jenga, but every block has a number that correlates to some kind of kinky dare. As you pull the blocks, you must complete whatever it says and sexy fun ensues. Each Sex Stack gives you the option of how crazy you want to get by choosing the varying levels of sexual fun from Teasers to Hardcore.

As stated before, a little bit of social lubrication might be needed to loosen up the room before playing these games. Then some real lubrication might follow suit if the night takes a turn for the best. In any case, this is another way to take your mind off the current state of the world and may even carry over to a few kinky nights in the future when we can gather for parties again. It is also a way to spice up the bedroom with a long time partner if things have gotten stale. Have fun and stay safe. 

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