Sex Toys Worth Staying In Bed For​

Sex Toys Worth Staying In Bed For


The Iroha series by Tenga is a collection of vibrators that features unique pillowy softness coupled with multiple powerful vibration settings. The Yuki is shaped like a snowman for shallow insertion. The Midori is shaped like a lime for use all over or pin-point sensations with the tip. Then the Sakura looks like it is designed to be a little, round, kissing machine, with a split tip for pinching and pleasing. They are rechargeable and waterproof and sell for $125 on Amazon

Saucy is a more lower priced external vibe at $69, waterproof and body-safe silicone, shaped like a flying saucer, “Ready to take you to infinity and…” You get the idea. Once you find an intensity that is working, Saucy features a lock mode to keep it going the way you like it.

The workhorse and well-price vibrator, Hitachi “personal massager,” now sells under a new name (Magic Wand), but more importantly is now a cordless rechargeable. You can’t beat the intensity and versatility of the Magic Wand’s vibes, at the great price of $54.95.


If you are in a relationship that normally has featured players coming in and out or if you and your partner need something, anything to shake up the “sameness,” consider a device that emulates a guest appearance. The Ride On Extender is 100% silicone, fits comfortably, adds 2” of length, and the scrotum ring could even extend performance. The Ride On Extender sells for $124, so if your partner is game, go ahead and name it after your fave celeb and get to know your guest star together.


While stuck at home, have a ball on the Riding Sex Ball. The velvety beach ball inflates and supports an attached vibrating dildo and “rolls back and forth, completely in synch with your body.” At $50.99, the Riding Sex Ball is a good price for the cowboy experience.

 A classic suction cup based vibrating dildo in nice shiny purple ($68.99) and a glow-in-the-dark suction cup dildo ($37.40), both perfect for riding.


It can’t be easy keeping the dependable, go-to vibrators in-stock during these stay-at-home times. The Pure Love G Spot Silicone Vibrator is still available from Amazon for $40.49. With 20 functions and varying speeds, curved head, this “slow but smooth” vibrator brings more than just relaxation.

The Womanzier DUO is part of a line that features clitoral stimulation via “Pleasure Air Technology” to simulate oral– perfect while no other mouths are around. With 12 intensity levels and 10 modes, the Duo is reduced in price to a better try out cost of $167.30. That would be less than a month of going out to find someone to do the job during normal circumstances.

Another classic that is flying off warehouse shelves is the good old Rabbit, this one is still available at $39.99 if you need stimulation points doubled up.


If you are going at it like rabbits because there isn’t much else to do, this array of bed wedge pillows would be worth looking over. See if you can find a helper to get to that perfect angle for orgasm. Or if you’re in bed all the time these days, you could use a wedge for, you know, it’s actual intended purpose.

If you haven’t gone all natural with personal lubricant yet, now is as good a time as any to test out paraben-free and water-based lubricants and find the right glide. Aloe Cadabra is a lubricant and personal moisturizer free of the all the bad and full of the good. Sliquid Sassy is  paraben-free, water based, and thicker than other lubes to go and go longer.

You’ve organized every drawer in the house, why not get your toys in order too? These cute vibrator storage bags will cheer up any nightstand. Etsy has an amazing range of sex toy cozies and cases, plus your purchase supports an artisan stuck at home like the rest of us.

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