Shakira And Jennifer Lopez Pack The Heat At The Super Bowl

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By Grace Bain

(MIAMI) — Shakira and Jennifer Lopez joined together on the stage tonight for an iconic Super Bowl LIV halftime show celebrating Latin culture.

Shakira opened with her top hit “She Wolf,” prancing about in a red sparkly dress that did her fit figure justice. For her next song, “Empire,” she opened by playing guitar at a microphone, and a close-up of the pop star provided audiences with a great, clear view of the star’s sparkly red-pink eyeshadow. Kudos to Shakira’s makeup artist!

Then, entangling her hands with a rope, she showed us all the talents stored in those hips, shaking the stage with an abundance of booty poppin’. After singing “Whenever Wherever,” she moved on to the song “I Like it Like That,” by Cardi B, and J Balvin entered the stage, causing crowds to go mad. Shakira and J Balvin sing together in Spanish, a fitting cultural experience for the game’s location of Miami.

Finally, the tune starts playing to “Hips Don’t Lie,” and the crowd rages the loudest it has since the end of Demi Lovato’s National Anthem.

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The stage lights up all sorts of different colors, before fireworks signal the end of the halftime show’s first half (that’s a lot of halves).

Then, J Lo appears on a pole in a pink, flowy skirt, and sexy black bodysuit. It doesn’t take long before she’s ripped the skirt off, letting it fly away with the wind. She starts off singing her famous “Jenny on the Block.”

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Her performance with backup dancers replicates images of Beyoncé’s ‘Homecoming.’ 

She then sings “Get Right,” continuing the trend of booty poppin’, before magically changing into a sparkly silver jumpsuit, climbing up a pole and finally showing off all of her ‘Hustlers’ moves. No need to see the movie, now, if you haven’t already. J Lo gave us everything we needed to see at this Super Bowl.

During her song “Waiting For Tonight,” the stage appears to collapse into a waterfall, entrancing audiences before Bad Bunny takes the stage to sing fan-favorite, “Mi Gente.” Rainbow lights cover the stadium, and J Lo transitions into “On the Floor,” keeping up the dance-worthy beats.

J Lo’s daughter, Emme, joins the stage to sing J Lo’s “Let’s Get Loud,” showing off their young Latino talents. J Lo returns to the spotlight wearing wings representing the Puerto Rican flag. Shakira also returns to sing “Waka Waka [This Time for Africa],” and every soul in the stadium sings along out of pure joy.

Jennifer Lopez, 50, and Shakira, 43, end with intense dancing and even more booty-shaking, proving that women of all ages, races, and cultures can do anything they put their mind to with passion and hard-work.

This is a halftime show to be remembered for ages to come.

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