Shawn Mendes Shares How Camila Cabello Has Changed Him for the Better

Shawn Mendes explains that his relationship with Camila Cabello has changed his life, in more ways than one. The 22-year-old world sensation was on the cover of British GQ, where he explained all the ways that his relationship with Camila has transformed him and helped him to grow as an artist and an individual.

Shawn’s Struggle with Body Image

Camila’s body positivity has helped Shawn on his own body confidence journey. Although Shawn was constantly reminded by his loved ones that he did not have to look “perfect,” he often felt pressure from the public to look a certain way.

 “Some days I would have three hours of sleep, (because) I’d get up two hours early just to be able to work out,” shared Shawn.  He explained that he often had the feeling that “If you don’t work out, you’re going to lose fans.”

Feeling More Confident in His Own Skin

Shawn began to meditate, journal, and pay attention to the way that Camila handled the body criticism that she received from the public.

“(She’s) so strong, so clear and confident with her (body) and so articulate and empathetic about other people’s,” Shawn explains. “It really changed my view of mine. It really changed my life.”

This helped Shawn realize that “taking that extra few hours of sleep, instead of waking up to pump iron, is a better choice sometimes.”

Openness and Vulnerability in His Music

Not only did Camila help Shawn develop a positive body image, but she also inspired him to open up more and be more vulnerable in his music.

“It has allowed me to become more internal and get deeper inside of myself,” Shawn says. “You have a choice to either open up and be very vulnerable or to be locked down and not show her anything.”

This vulnerability and openness was vital to the creation of his new album, Wonder.” Camila was so important to the creation of the album Shawn shared that he thinks she should be a ghostwriter on everything.

Shawn’s Biggest Support System 

Shawn explains the difficulties that came along while creating “Wonder” and how he was so thankful to have a support system like Camila to help him through it all.

“There are so many instances during making an album when you want to drop an idea because it’s stupid or it’s not sounding great. And it does! It sounds stupid and doesn’t sound great for some weeks. But then it comes out on the other end and ends up being everything you wanted it to be,” Shawn explains.  “And you need a support system. And I had support from her, which was different from any support I’ve ever felt before.”

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