Shoe Must-Haves for 2020

Looking for a cute pair of sneakers, sandals, or heels for summer? With so many new trends coming and going on social media, it may be hard to keep up! Here is a list of must-have shoes you should consider spending your coins on to enhance the Instagram outfit pics:

1.     Air Force 1’s

These sneakers are a staple in your shoe collection! Not only do they match with everything, they make an outfit go from boring to cute AF or glammed out to a pretty, casual outfit. Also, they go with every pair of your high waisted shorts and mom jeans—perfect for the summer!

2.     Converse x Comme des Garcons Play

Another shoe that is super in style right now are the Converse collaboration with Comme des Garcons. They look like regular Converse but with a distinguishable print: little red hearts that have eyes inside of them. They’re really popular at the moment and can be paired in several different ways. Though they are on the pricier side, they’re definitely worth every penny.

3.     Birkenstocks

Birks, in any style, are perfect
for the summertime. Stylish, comfortable, and sturdy, these sandals go with any
casual, summer look. Since they’re made of real leather, they are a tad bit pricey,
but you’re definitely getting what you pay for!

4.     Thong Heel Sandals

Yup, these throwback thong heels are making a huge comeback! Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have reintroduced the thong heel trend, and I’m all here for it. They look so vintage, stylish, and oddly enough, very fashion-forward.

5.     See-Through Heels

Almost everyone has hopped on this fashion trend, and there’s no question why! See-through heels are super cute and go perfectly with all your night out outfits. They also come in different styles; for example, clear heel with a clear strap, or a clear pump type of heel. There is a variety of the see-through heels, all in which are to die for!

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