Should You Mute, Block, or Unfollow Them?

The luxury of social media is having the opportunity to eliminate negative energy not only from your life, but also from your phone. However, there are a variety of ways to do this.

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Snapchat, you can get rid of an ex that won’t leave you alone, an annoying spam account, or someone that’s a cancel culture target.

You can either mute them, block them, or unfollow them. However, which is the best strategy for your social media platform? Is muting or unfollowing someone worth the hassle?

Should You Mute?

When you mute someone on social media, it seems like a passive-aggressive way to unfollow someone without actually unfollowing them. Muting on social media eliminates that user’s content from your feeds. On Instagram, you can mute a user’s posts and their stories so that they don’t come up on your feed. However, you can still look through their profile and continue following them.

So, what’s the takeaway of muting? Is it truly effective? Would it be easier to unfollow someone if it means eliminating someone from your platform? If you just want to see less of someone, muting is a good option. Sometimes people post too much, sometimes they make us feel insecure. Muting seems to be useful, but it may urge you to check their profiles even more. 

Should You Block?

The block button is a handy social media tool for every social media platform, and useful for many occasions.

For instance, if you have burned a bridge with a former friend and may not want to contact them anymore, it may be best to block them. Also, spam accounts can reach out to you now and then to hack your phone or mislead you with false information.

You may have someone provoking you and harassing you. If you feel unsafe communicating with them, then the block button is necessary.

Blocking someone is easy to do. Additionally, Instagram also added a feature that allows users to not only block an account, but additional accounts that are created by that user.

It helps to prevent users from stalking you or harassing you through anonymous accounts, and it protects you as the user. This is also an amazing feature for victims of domestic violence. 

Should You Unfollow?

The most common way to rid your page of negative energy is unfollowing someone. However, if you’re like Billie Eilish, you’ll unfollow everyone.

The trouble with unfollowing someone is that they may continue to follow you or keep tabs on you, unless your accounts are private. If you choose to hit the unfollow button, keep in mind that it may be simple to do, but could make things complicated if the user brings negative energy your way.

The Verdict

Whether you mute, block, or unfollow someone on social media, it is ultimately your prerogative.

You, as the social media user, have the opportunity to do whichever one that works for your benefit and well-being as a whole. Do what is best for your own mental health

However, from a different perspective, one is the least necessary than the other: muting.

Muting someone seems like a passive-aggressive tactic for users who have issues with what someone posts. It could be either offensive, annoying, or excessive.

The best idea is either unfollowing them or blocking them if you aren’t satisfied with the content they create. The big purpose of social media is networking, sharing content and engaging with others’ content.

Muting, overall, may defeat the purpose.

What do you think is the best tactic for getting rid of your social media pests? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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