Shows to Watch for Solid LGBTQIA+ Representation

Tired of watching the same old heteronormative shows? Often times, diverse characters are shoved to the side, or are portrayed as the “token.”

Whether you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community or identify as an ally, here are some of the best shows to watch for actual representation!

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (2013)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fan favorite for a reason. Come for the crime-solving and stay for the incredible character dynamics. This sitcom makes its mark as a pioneer in embracing diversity. The show includes the talented duo of Andre Braugher and Marc Evan Jackson, playing the biracial power couple of Captain Raymond Holt and his husband Kevin.

On top of that, Rosa Diaz’s coming out narrative, brought to life by Stephanie Beatriz’s, is likely to resonate with many viewers.

“Schitt’s Creek” (2015)

Who doesn’t love to see a rich family stripped suddenly of their wealth, left to adapt to life in an average small town? Sounds like comedy gold. Featuring openly gay Canadian actor Dan Levy as the lovable David, Schitt’s Creek educates its audience about pansexuality without reducing any of its characters to tokenized caricatures.

“Will and Grace” (1998)

The show that revolutionized the portrayal of homosexuality on television forever definitely deserves a shout-out. “Will and Grace” is often credited for popularizing gay culture in 90’s America.

The show made a comeback in 2017, proving that they can stay up to date with what’s current. Turn to the revival seasons for a critique of the  homophobic attitudes under Trump’s reign. 

“EastSiders” (2012)

“EastSiders” started off simply as a self-financed passion project. Instead, this dark comedy went on to secure a deal with Netflix and Emmy nominations by its final season. Set in Los Angeles, this hilarious and sexy show dives into issues like substance abuse and infidelity, while showcasing the lives of its main characters, gay couple Cal and Thom.

The LGBTQIA+ representation does not seem inauthentic, and instead is real and amazing to watch. Written and directed by Kit Williamson who also stars as one of the protagonists, “EastSiders” is made with love, for love.

“Euphoria” (2019)

One of HBO’s biggest hits, this teen-drama effortlessly won millions of hearts around the globe. 

At the centre of the narrative lies the budding romance between Zendaya’s troubled protagonist Rue Bennett and her best friend Jules Vaughn. Jules is a transgender teen struggling with abuse and trauma. Updating the Romeo and Juliet narrative with a pair of modern characters, “Euphoria” gives you a new set of star-crossed lovers to root for.

“One Day at a Time” (2017)

“One Day at a Time” takes the cake for its authentic portrayal of life in America as a person of color.The show explores a plethora of compelling themes like single motherhood, racism and sexuality.

The shows teenage daughter Elena Alvarez, played by Isabella Gomez, navigates her sexuality in a Cuban household. Many side characters, including her non-binary parter Syd, also identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The scene where Elena comes out to her Christian abuelita is certain to move you to tears.

What show did we forget to list? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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