There’s a Place for Everyone on TikTok


If you are familiar with the app TikTok, then you know that there are different sides to it. The different sides are just communities with different fields of interest. Certain things will pop up on your for you page depending on the videos you like and watch. The “For You Page” is obviously tailored to you and what the algorithm thinks you want to see. 

I don’t know every side of TikTok but I thank whatever God there may be that I am not on “straight” TikTok. From the stories I’ve heard, I don’t want to know what they are seeing. Mostly, I am on what is known as “gay TikTok”. It has a lot of humor, couples, coming out stories, transition stories, it is a really nice place to be in. 


Other Sides

I have also seen a little bit of witch TikTok which is always interesting. Alt. kid TikTok is pretty great too. That’s filled with a lot of badass-looking people with superior taste in music. But, that is my biased opinion.

My friends have told me about plant TikTok which is probably just as serene and pure as it sounds. Also there is the creative, artsy side to TikTok which is definitely one of my favorites. Artists showcase their art and sometimes even show the process of how they did it. 

Skin care TikTok also exists and those people do not mess around. They will recommend or disapprove of products that you may or may not be using. Just today, I saw a video that said “You are on bad bitch TikTok. Congrats!” So, I’m proud and happy to say I made it. 


I, of course, don’t know and can’t list every side that TikTok has. But, I hope this shows you that it is a pretty inclusive app. It surrounds you with like-minded people with similar interest which makes it so easy to spend hours liking, sharing and laughing on the app! 

Stay safe out there. Stay off of straight TikTok. Wear a mask

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