Singer-Songwriter Brandy Haze Discusses Her ‘On Site’ Music Video

Our host, Kelly Gilmore , sat down to chat with singer-songwriter, Brandy Haze. Discussing the new music video On Site,” the two get into Brandy’s creative process.

Haze recently released the music video for one of the singles off of her four part “Silhouette” project. Brandy talks about the inspiration behind the song, and her creative process for the music video. 

brandy haze

The Music Video

Living through a pandemic, it is amazing that any art is still being created. The “On Site” music video shows just how much someone can do with little options. 

In the music video, Haze displays her gorgeous silhouette in front of multiple backdrops. The “On Site” video also includes some stunning shots of Brandy in front of a retro car with a cityscape off in the horizon. 

Amazingly, Haze created her own music video set. She decided what she wanted for the vision of the music video because she is looking to explore some videography. Drawing inspiration  from artists that she loves, Haze was able to take their visions while making it her own.

brandy haze

‘Silhouette’ Project

“On Site” is one of four songs in a collection of love songs written by Brandy Haze. The collection is called the “Silhouette’ project for many reasons. Mostly, Brandy is in awe of the way that women’s silhouettes look.

Based on her own love life at the time, the songs follow what was going on in Brandy’s life during the pandemic. The songs explore themes of love and dating. 

Debut Project

While Brandy Haze is still a relatively new artist, this is not her first project. Actually, her first  song, “Conditional” garnered over 300,000 streams on SoundCloud. This is amazing for someone who was relatively unknown prior.

Brandy attributes this success to a lot of her own self promotion. She even slid into DMs to tell people about her project and get the word out.

brandy haze

Journey into Music

Kelly and Brandy also discussed how she decided to pursue music as a career. Brandy says that she has been singing since she was a child.

In college, she was working as a data analyst, and she realized that was not the path that she wanted for her life. 

It was after this that Brandy got serious about creating music. She booked a studio session and recorded a cover of a Drake and PARTYNEXTDOOR song that was put onto her SoundCloud. 

Haze tells aspiring artists to start as soon as possible and to put out everything. 

Upcoming Projects

Brandy says that there may be some upcoming projects coming out in the summertime. We can look out for some singles in the near future. She is also trying to work on more visuals for the “Silhouette” project. 

You can stream “On Site” on YouTube and SoundCloud now!

What are your thoughts on Brandy Haze’s new “On Site” video? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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