Singer DaniLeigh Reveals She Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Congratulations are in order! Baby number one is on the way for DaniLeigh. The singer took to Instagram last Friday to announce her pregnancy.

“As you grow, so does my love, discipline and focus,” she said.

Additionally, DaniLeigh posted two other maternity photos via Instagram showing off her luminous baby bump.

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Split From DaBaby

Earlier this year, the mother-to-be announced that she is “officially single” after being romantically involved with rapper DaBaby. 

“Can’t wait to be disconnected to that situation…in due time…we all human..we all make mistakes when we in love and dumb..but it’s all growing I’ll take my lessons and keep goin..even with all the hate I receive it’s due time,” she wrote on Twitter after their break up.”

Many speculate that DaBaby is the father of DaniLeigh’s child, but neither one of them have confirmed the rumor. 

Nevertheless, the rapper did hit the like button on her surprising reveal post.

After her initial pregnancy announcement, the singer posted two other photo sets proudly starring her baby bump.

Credit: Bonnie Nichoalds/DaniLeigh's Instagram

DaniLeigh is Blessed

In 2020, DaniLeigh opened up to People about her rising fame, depression and social media.

“It could always be worse. I look at my blessing and realize, ‘Okay, I’m blessed’,” she said. “People always wanna talk. There are some ignorant people on social media. I honestly don’t let it get to me – sometimes it does, not gonna front – but I just try to not pay attention to it.”

Undoubtedly, DaniLeigh is blessed with her first baby on the way!

What are your thought’s on DaniLeigh’s surprise pregnancy reveal? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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