Six Athleisure Trends for Spring 2021

The U.S. is home to the world’s largest athletics apparel market. But how did we become so obsessed with workout wear?  Enter athleisure.

Athleisure is the perfect compromise between gym wear and lounge wear — equally suitable for HIIT workouts or streaming Netflix from your couch. Athleisure clothing is so beloved because it combines comfort and flexibility, with sleek and stylish silhouettes. 

So, whether your plans are to #stayathome or hit the gym, athleisure is sure to fit your lifestyle.

Read on to discover the spring’s athleisure trends, and to find out why everyone from J. Lo to Kim K. will keep this trend going strong for the foreseeable future.

90s Activewear

’90s styles are making a big comeback this spring, especially among millennials, who  look back on the era with rose colored glasses. Big logos are in, as are flashy track jackets. Lightweight crop tops in breathable fabrics and leggings with twists on traditional designs are also trending. 

Pair these base layers with this color-blocked windbreaker jacket from  Urban Outfitters ($49) for extra ’90s flair. 

Matching Sets

Matching sets were popular in 2020, and this year, they’ve proven they’re here to stay. 

Because, who doesn’t love a two-and-done outfit? Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid are some of the many stars spotted in matching sets.

Spandex bras and booty-boosting leggings pair nicely in matching colors or prints, while mesh panels allow for plenty of air circulation and breathability. So whether you’re sweating at the gym or the couch, you’re sure to keep cool and trendy.


Jennifer Lopez and Alessandra Ambrosio both had a hand in promoting this one-piece trend, and it’s easy to see why.

Ballet-inspired bodysuits, leotards and catsuits offer a fresh take on tired looks like the basic skin-tight leggings we used to love. 

Try Beyond Yoga’s Elevation Capri Bodysuit ($148) for a tried-and-true, celebrity-approved look. 

Glossy Leggings

High-gloss leggings, like Banana Republic’s Koral Lustrous High-Rise Legging ($88) and Express’ Electric Yoga High Waisted Glossy Crocodile Leggings ($78), are sure to make you shine. 

Pair them with a cute sports bra or simple v-neck tee to let the leggings do the talking. And voilà — you’re all set to hit the gym or the grocery store.

Minimalist Looks

Tired of the glitz and glamor? Go back to basics with a minimalist fit. 

Simple cuts and colors should take center stage over louder prints. Colors inspired by leafy tones like fern green, soft brown and clay grey are especially on-trend. 

Try Lululemon’s Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve 2.0  in Rosemary Green ($68) for a look that’s equal parts simple and sporty. 

Eco-friendly Brands

It’s 2021, which means we all have a responsibility to be kinder to the planet. Start by clearing out your closet and becoming a more environmentally-conscious shopper. 

Then, search for quality brands with environmentally-friendly missions.  

Ready to shop? Choose clothing made with recycled cashmere and organic cotton. Also check to make sure that clothes are made with fair trade materials. 

Don’t know where to shop? We love Pangaia for their use of responsible performance  fabric, and environmentally-friendly dye. Their athleisure is good for the planet, and looks stylish and edgy. 

Which athleisure trend is your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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