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Six Movies to Stream With Your Partner to Get You in the Mood

If you’re a homebody, then staying in with your partner is the dream. However, you might be tired of rewatching “50 Shades of Grey” every date night. Well, here we have a list of fresh (and hot) movies to add to you ‘Netflix & Chill’ watchlist!

365 days movie poster

365 Days

With ample eye candy in the form of heart-throb , this steamy Polish film will certainly get you hot, heavy, and ready to channel that thirst towards your S.O. 

Plus if you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, why not test-drive some of the on-screen moves that grab your attention? Watch and learn, baby, watch and learn. 

newness movie poster


Offering a raw and unfiltered glimpse at the world of blurry hook-ups and right swipes that we find ourselves swimming in, this movie will win you over with its sheer honesty. 

With plenty of memorable sex scenes and a candid yet layered portrayal of sexual attraction, “Newness” can lend you a helping hand in not only ushering in a night of uninterrupted sexy-time but also in reminding you to appreciate your partner and what you have together

Lust Stories

Are you tired of watching female bodies be objectified? Tired of good erotic content being sullied by the unwelcome male gaze? Well, fret not, because “Lust Stories” promises to switch things up a little. 

Placing the modern Indian woman at the centre, each of the four short films in this collection take on love, desire and sex from a female point of view. Your partner will agree that there’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants in the bedroom so consider this a win-win situation and a must-watch rolled into one.

deseo movie poster


It’s a well-known fact that everything’s sexier in Spanish, and the racy film poster definitely serves to remind you of that.

 Revolving around the pleasures and dangers of forbidden love, “Desire” offers up drama, rivalry, and sexual tension galore, really promising to set the tone for a steamy night in. But does the movie truly live up to its name? Well, time to find out.

basic instinct movie poster

Basic Instinct

An oldie but a goldie, no erotic film list is complete without a nod to this 90s classic because it serves sex, violence and insanity in equal and generous doses. 

Taut with sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife, “Basic Instinct” has set the pace for all erotic thrillers to follow since its release. So now let it set the pace for the bedroom.

duck butter

Duck Butter

This experimental comedy features two women determined to spend 24 hours alone together, having sex every hour in an effort to establish deeper intimacy. 

Built on a foundation of sexual connection, “Duck Butter” is certain to urge you to explore your own. And hey, who knows, maybe the film will end up inspiring you and your partner to have sex around the clock too?

 What movies do you like to watch to get you in the mood? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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