Six Women-Owned Businesses You Should Shop at

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts, or engaging in some much needed retail therapy it’s always hard to find new places to shop.

We know the giant corporations we shop at will always be there, but during tough times it’s important to support and shop at smaller businesses.

Check out some incredible woman-owned businesses to splurge at now!

O’Dolly Dearest

If you’re into the latest fashion trends, we’ve got the shop for you.

O’Dolly Dearest is a womenswear label founded by Zoe Martin, who’s mastered the art that is early-2000’s fashion! With this trend absolutely taking over this year, O’Dolly Dearest is your one stop shop for a Y2K look.

Whether you’re feeling sweet and girl or sexy and edgy, O’Dolly Dearest provides options that’ll fit your individual mood!

Our Favorite Item: The Fliritini Mini Dress

The Earthling Shop

Candles make the perfect gift or set the mood for a “treat yourself” day. If you’re looking to shop consciously, The Earthling Shop is a great place to get your environmentally friendly candles.

The Earthling shop was started earlier this year by environmental activist Meli Lopez, 21, who explains a bit about herself, as well as her business on the brands website.

“It has been such a pleasure for me to be able to create products and sell them in the most eco-friendly way possible,” wrote Lopez.  “I make my handmade candles with so much love and positive energy in my home in Southern California. I hope my products bring you happiness all while causing the least harm possible to the planet.”

The candles are described as “vegan, handmade soy wax candles, with plastic free packaging”. The Earthling Shop let’s customers feel good about their purchase.

Our Favorite Item: Rosemary Sage Candle

Cholas x Chulas

If you love all things beauty, you’ll love Cholas x Chulas. This is a beauty brand that plays by it’s own rules.

Launched by Nydia Cisneros, Cholas x Chulas stands out because it mixes make up, beauty, culture all while pushing the boundaries.

According to the brands Instagram, 25% of proceeds will go to DACA and immigration reform.

“From our provocative name to our extra AF personality, Cholas x Chulas is not your tia’s beauty brand,” says their website. “We are the first Latinx beauty brand. We speak Spanglish, we make our own rules and smash beauty norms. Our beauty ethos is self-expression versus makeup trends that cultivates a pipeline of badass novelty beauty products.”

On the site, you can find a variety of different beauty products, including stand outs like flower freckles and marijuana stamp tip eyeliner.

Our Favorite Item:Kushy California Glaze (CBD infused eye shadow)


We all know how hard it to get our nails done during a pandemic. Nail tech, Alena J., has found away to keep our nails looking cute while staying home and staying safe.

Her solution? Press on nails. The nail tech, who runs her business on Instagram, announced she would be selling various press on nail sets this year due to nail salons closing.

“Covid numbers are at an all time high right now, salons might be closing,” she wrote. “BUT you can always order custom hand painted sets by me.”

Detailed instructions on how to order your very own custom set can be found on the shop’s Instagram.

Our Favorite Item: Custom Kali Uchis x Rosalia Press On Set

GOGO Garage Sale

Have you ever wanted to dress like you were from the 60s or 70s? Well you’re in luck, GOGO Garage Sale is the place to shop.

GOGO Garage Sale is a Depop shop ran by Elizabeth Brooke.  The business bio says Brooke’s items are, “Hand picked groovy items for all kinds”.

Brooke not only posts her clothing on Depop, she also runs an Instagram page where she promotes all her items as well as announces any sales.

One look at the page and you’re transported to the GOGO era. One of a kind clothing, sustainable fashion and a woman-owned shop? What more could we ask for!

Our Favorite Item: Sporty Angel Dress

Wide Eyes Shop

Accessories are an essential part in fashion. A good accessory can take an outfit to another level, and Wide Eyes Shop has the accessories that will do just that.

This is an independent business ran by one woman alone, who goes by @wideeyes on Instagram.  On the sites FAQ Wide Eyes explains she is, “just one person making and shipping out orders while still trying to juggle school and life”.

Wide Eyes shop offers hand made earring, scrunchies, toes and tees.  With a diverse amount of options, it is easy to find the accessory that best suits your own style.

On top of selling accessories, Wide Eyes further shares her creativity by selling her own prints, stickers and zines.

Our Favorite Item: Gold Widow Earrings

Supporting small businesses is more important now than ever. To support these bosses check out each of the incredible businesses mentioned!

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