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So because of quarantine a lot of us have had to utilize Zoom to continue to conduct business. That’s fine and dandy but the thing about that is I live with loud people. I love them but they never leave me alone. My little sister is always asking me a strange question and my dad always needs help with his phone. 

If this situation sounds similar to yours then I completely understand your struggle. You want to look professional but it’s kind of hard to do that while yelling at your family to “SHUT UP!” I had to develop a strategy in order to keep my sanity. They’re pretty simple but here we go!


So if you have some important business to conduct you need to tell the people you live with. You can’t just lock yourself away in your room and hope for the best. Believe me, I’ve tried. I had people knocking on my door, yelling and asking what I was doing. It was a nightmare. So be sure to communicate with everyone in your house that you will be busy so that they can be more mindful. 

Give Them A Timeframe

Sometimes it helps to let the people you live with know how long your meeting will be. If you’re not sure how long your meeting will last, give them a timeframe. If it’s roughly an hour or more, let them know. The benefit to doing this is that if at some point during your meeting they find that they need you, that will hopefully be considerate enough to wait until they know that you are free! 

Place A Reminder At Your Door

So I had a meeting, it was going to last a while. I informed my family about it. I had done everything right. About an hour in, my sister comes bursting in ready to show me something she saw on her show. This is exactly why leaving a sign at your door will be so helpful. 

Prepare For Outdoor Noise

This may not apply to you if you live in a quiet neighborhood but where I live it is anything but quiet. I live near a freeway and an airport. Traffic can always be heard and I lose count of how many aircrafts hover over my house. For this, I make sure that all the windows in my room are closed and I utilize the “mute” button when needed. 

Hopefully some of the things I do help you out in the future. I know some seem like common sense but we all forget sometimes. 

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