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Today on Sorority Scoop we will talk about how to make your dorm room feel more like home. I know it can be tough living away from home. The new freedom you have must feel amazing but it doesn’t stop the homesickness. We suggest adding a few personal touches to your dorm room to help make it feel more homey. Just a few amazon purchases and we’ll have your room looking like the one back at home. 

1) Fairy Lights – $12.99 

Fairy lights are such a simple and small decoration to add to your dorm to give it your personal touch. They’re light weight so you can hang them up with some tape or hang them around your bed or desk. 

2) Posters! – $13.99

Posters are another excellent way to fill your dorm with the things you love. Put up a poster of your favorite show, movie, actor, band, anything!

3) Wall Hooks – $8.98

I know they don’t look like much but you’ve got to use your imagination. On these you can hang up fairy lights, frames, canvases, almost anything! They’re sturdy and they won’t mess up the wall which I know is important to a lot of colleges. 


4) Peel And Stick Wallpaper – $49.00

This is if you’re feeling extra. I know that most, if not all dorms, don’t allow you to mess with the walls. With peel and stick wallpaper you can brighten up your room and cause no damage to the wall. Just make sure you don’t get any air bubbles! 

5) Sunflower Curtains – $6.00

Okay so they don’t have to be sunflower curtains but any type of curtains can make your dorm look less plain. Maybe you’d like some black out curtains for the days that you don’t have class in the morning. Whatever your style is, spice up your room with some curtains! 

6) Polaroid Camera – $144.99

This one is a little pricey but I have personally always loved the way polaroids look. You can capture all the memories you make and then tape them to your wall. It’s a simple idea but you’ll be able to have physical memories to treasure for all time. 

7) Wall Plant Terrariums – $15.38

This one is for all my girls with the green thumbs. These are small pieces that you can hang all around your room or arrange together. Give your room some extra life and add these minimalistic terrariums! 

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