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So on this episode of Sorority Scoop we are going to get a little personal. I’m going to share my experience being a “late bloomer” when it came to dating and romantic relationships. 

“Late Bloomer”

First off, I’d like to clear something up. I put late bloomer in quotes because I genuinely think it’s a stupid word. No one should feel pressured to do anything that they are not comfortable with or ready for. Especially when it has to do with anything romantic of sexual. The word late bloomer implies that someone is behind/not moving or growing fast enough but what you chose to do or not do is honestly no ones business. Do you, baby. 


My Experience

When it came to me in high school, I have to be honest…I really wanted a boyfriend. They looked so amazing in the movies. But, as most people unfortunately know, boys can be mean. That didn’t stop me, however, from having a new set of crushes for each new school year. And yeah, you read that correctly, I had a set of crushes. Loving and admiring these boys from afar was my part-time job. The pay was shit. I was too shy to ever initiate conversation. This meant I also found myself in that sticky situation where I only liked guys who weren’t interested in me. And of course, the guys that did show interest in me were just never my type. 

When a guy I liked had finally showed interest in me as well, it felt like a miracle. We flirted, he asked me out, and he was the first guy I had ever kissed at age 17. Most of my friends were already on their second boyfriends. 

Soon my miracle turned into a living hell. I think I was so eager and happy that someone had finally taken the time to be young and stupid with me that I let him treat me poorly. He was such a fucking jerk. I don’t really feel like going into why but trust me, he was the worst. After that, I didn’t really care about having a boyfriend anymore. I just didn’t want anyone to mistreat me again and me sit idly by, letting it happen. 


What I Learned

Although the experience was rough, I’m still a little thankful for it. I used to be a door mat. People would walk all over me and I’d just let them. Now, I am pickier about who I let into my life and how I let people treat me. It helped me meet a really great person. Someone who helped me bloom in a number of ways, if you catch my drift *wink wink*. 


My Advice

Don’t be so caught up in what other people are doing. If you want to be wild and crazy, bitch, you better go do that. If you want to be more calm and reserved, bitch, you better do that too. Value yourself and remember your value doesn’t come and go based off how many people choose to recognize it. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. Learn what consent is.  I love you. 

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