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During college, there are going to be many times when you will have to dress professionally or in business attire. Here is your guide to dress professionally, but still super cute! Who says dressing professionally has to be boring?

Printed Blazers: Statement 

Printed blazers are a cute fashion trend for the business of professional wear. They are not only attractive for professional attire, but they are cute for everyday outfits. Business clothes are always a good investment. If they can be both casual and business, it is even better. Printed blazers always make a cute statement and step up any bland business look. 

Turtle Necks and Trousers 

Turtle necks are a staple in business attire, but it is an iconic look if you add cute trousers. Trousers are the most significant trend for fall. Adding them in different colors and prints makes them more fun and adds more color to your look! 

Suit Sets with Shorts

Suit sets are a staple in business clothes, but the newest thing is short sets. They are suit jackets and shorts that match and usually come in various fun colors and prints. The shorts generally come at appropriate length so that they are business relevant. 

Knee-High Boots 

When you think of business clothes, you usually think of pumps or nude heels, but boots are the new business look for fall. The shoes that are in style for fall are knee-highs. They are usually loose around the calves and add a very “New York” city-style to any outfit. They come in various colors like white, black, and even snake print. 

Soft Blouse 

Soft blouses with ties around the neck are an adorable addition to the usually dull plain business blouses. Try to find ones with polka dots or small stripes to add more life and style into the look. Bright colors like fuchsia and yellow are also fun color ideas to spice up your office look. 


Satin blouses or pants are a great addition to your office outfit. You can pair this with various other materials such as leather, cotton, and others. Satin can elevate any business look and adds another layer to the look. 

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