Scoop Sorority: Winning A Writing Competition


As an introvert, I hate to admit this. But, putting yourself out there is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I love to write stories. It is my favorite thing to do but I often don’t let people I know read my work. The reason for this is because I am afraid that I’m actually no good at it. I’m sure most writers have this fear and it is completely valid. It’s kind of like wanting to be a singer but being told you’re tone deaf. On this episode of Sorority Scoop, I share about the time I won a writing competition. 

During one of my semesters at my university, I took a script writing class. In the class, we were set to write three short films each. The two best scripts would be picked and made into short films. This was so exciting to me because I had never had anything I had written produced. There were about twelve people in the class. So, I decided to give it my all and write stories that I was proud of. 

I was given advice once by a professor. He told me, “Write what you know.” It was some of the best advice I have ever received.


One of the three short films that I wrote was about three best friends using tampons for the first time. It was loosely based off my own experience. It’s an embarrassing story but it was funny and I knew I wanted to write about it.

So, I did!

That was one of the scripts that won and a short film was made.

Moral of the story, get out of your own way. Whatever is telling you to stop doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Do what makes you happy and if you try and don’t succeed, try again! 

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