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One of the biggest hurdles in dating is getting out of your own head. I’m sure you have plenty of experiences that you look back and wonder what you could have possibly been so worried about. However, that doesn’t always make it that much easier. Here are a few steps to get out of your own head and reframe the dating experience to make it all the more enjoyable, with hopefully a little less stress.

Don’t Over-Plan

Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t ever be making plans- after all, dating in a pandemic requires a little bit more creativity to make things work. But we’re talking about you right now, and the things that go on in your head. Making expectations about dates, or the people you’re dating, is  energy that can be better spent elsewhere.

Text Less

Another one that might be counterintuitive both in the modern age and during the state of the world at time of writing, but hear me out. As a mode of communication, texting has a long list of flaws and possible hurdles that can be overcome by a simple phone call or FaceTime session. Taking out another layer of possible miscommunication is throwing out another level of stress altogether. Doubly important for long-distance relationships.

Be Shamelessly Honest

Not just with others, but with yourself as well. Dating culture these days means that things can move very fast, and you don’t want to spend a second of it misrepresenting yourself to others or in your own head. Directness about what you want, what you’re looking for, and what kind of person you are is going to serve you so much better than trying to put on a show. 

Question Societal Expectations

Maybe the current climate of dating culture doesn’t work for you. Maybe it does, but you’ve got a sense that it isn’t perfect. Maybe the way dating works these days doesn’t make sense to you at all. By asking these questions, you open yourself up to new possibilities of finding out what works better for you. Be it sexuality, monogamy, or what level of intensity in a relationship is right for you. Dating, after all, is much more about learning about yourself than other people.

Embrace Being Single!

If there’s one thing this year has taught us, is that there is no need to rush. Singleness has a unique power to it that allows you to fully understand yourself outside the context of another person. Lean into it, you’ll be amazed at how much weight is lifted afterward. 

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