Sunny Malouf Discusses Latest Single ‘Disposable’

Today on ENTScoop Chats our host, Kelly Gilmore, spoke with singer and songwriter Sunny Malouf! Sunny is well known for her singles “One Minute” and “WAVE ft. Lil Jamez.” This week Sunny has recently released her latest single “Disposable.”

The Meaning Behind the Music

Sunny shares that the song “Disposable” was actually written in 2019 but was rerecorded and released this year. Sunny says that the inspiration for this song came from a previous experience with a heartbreak. She tells us that this was the first time she had felt that way and knew that she could channel her feelings into her music.

Having Floyd Mayweather as a Mentor

Sunny explains that she met Floyd when she was only 10 years old ! She says that she looks to Floyd as someone in the industry she can always trust and count on. “He is definitely probably the only person in the whole entire industry that I completely trust and he’s like family to me,” said Sunny.

Making Content with Team 10

When reflecting on her time making content with Jake Paul and Team 10, she tells us that it was a really fun time in her life! She explained that the collaboration began when Team 10 was staying at her house during a Hurricane that happened in Texas. Sunny says that she had ‘the time of her life’ and that she still keeps in touch with the members from Team 10.

Creating Content on TikTok

With 1.1 million followers on TikTok, Sunny has quite the presence on the app! She shares that she originally was not that interested in TikTok but more less focusing on a mainstream path for her music. However, Sunny explains that she always thought TikTok creators were genius and as she researched the TikTok world she knew she had to get into it! Sunny says that making dancing videos is what really set off her TikTok page!

Plans for Future Projects

Sunny teases that she will be releasing some new songs within a couple of weeks! As far as projects aside from music Sunny shares that she is always looking into multiple things to pursue her career but right now she is focusing on being a music artist and channeling her energy into her music career! When looking to the future Sunny tells us that she has started thinking about other things such as developing makeup or cosmetics!

Sunny’s latest single “Disposable” is available for streaming now!

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