Talking Music, Labels & Activism W/ Kevin Ross

Today, Taylor Reardigan sat down with the one and only Kevin Ross. Ross is a Grammy Nominated R&B artist that just released his newest album titled, “Audacity.”

The album is split up into two parts to make it easier to “digest,” Ross says. He is a new artist and he wants his new followers to start to get to know him. 



Ross talked about his inspiration and meaning behind the title and album as a whole. “Being audacious in your truth, and standing firm in what you believe in. If you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything.”

Making His Own Label

He used to work with Motown record label but has now transitioned into working on his label, “Art Society Music Group.” He did this because he wanted each artist to know their worth. He created the label to allow for a conducive environment for creatives at heart to grow. His mission is to aid other artists into blossoming into who they are in music.

His Songwriting Process

When asked about his songwriting process, Ross talks about how he gains inspiration by observing people. He also talks about how he uses his melody as the basis for the entire song.

“I’ve always been different,” Ross says. His R&B style is not about drugs and sex; instead, it is about love and trust. He stays true to himself as an artist and as a person.

The Mashup Show

Ross’ new FB Live show, The Mashup Show, is on Mondays at 8 pm. The show has an upbeat and light-hearted “vibe” as he sits down and talks to amazing artists.

“God Is A Genius”

Ross’ hit song, “God is a Genius,” is one for everybody. He wrote it not as an R&B artist, but as a man of Christian faith first. Ross believes in cherishing every moment because God let them happen for a reason.

This coming October, Ross will be coming out with a new soundtrack in collaboration with Empire and Colin Kaepernick to give back to the many organizations in need during these tough times.

Tune in to the video above to hear about his favorite midnight snack and his childhood celebrity crush!

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