Talking w/ Singer, Actor & Activist Piera Van de Wiel

Today on EntScoop Chats Taylor Reardigan spoke with the talented Piera Van del Wiel! She is extremely passionate about social impact and uses all her mediums to promote it at a larger scale. The subjects of her songs are so meaningful. She works to spread help and social change through music as well as with her company Stronger With Music

When Piera was only 15, she lost her best friend to a car accident. She was falling into a depression when her Head of Music told her to write her feelings. She ended up writing a song and found that it was such a great way to voice her grief. As she kept writing she felt stronger and stronger. That was when she knew she wanted to make music that impacted peoples lives! 

“Come Back Home”

In 2019 the Abaco islands of the Bahamas were hit with Hurricane Dorian. Van de Wiel has called the Abaco islands her home all her life, revisiting it with her family since 1970. She has many friends there and was absolutely devastated by the event. She didn’t know if her friends were dead or alive or what had been destroyed. During this time she wrote her song “Come Back Home” for Abaco relief. The song was meant to “bring together the community, to help rebuild but also give hope that all is not lost.” The song was very well received and even earned a Listener Impact award at the Global Music Awards. 

Stronger With Music

Van de Wiel is also the founder of the company Stronger With Music. Their mission is to promote the importance of music with mental health and music with social impact! They have worked with NGO’s globally and Barefoot College International. One of her goals is to help the United Nations reach their 2030 agenda so her company has also performed there! 


During quarantine she was able to release her song “Used” that holds such an important message. She was able to release it during mental health awareness month and it calls attention to the increase of domestic violence. “Women and girls are not safe. We are told to quarantine in our homes but sometimes our home is not always a safe place for us to be. So that’s really something that I try to highlight.” You can find the universal signal for help here


Piera believes that “songwriting is storytelling. Whether you are telling your own story, whether you are telling someone else’s. It’s the importance of getting other voices heard.” She likes to write everyday in her leather journal! 

She also enjoys writing scripts and currently has two films in the film festival circuit. They are both period dramas that are “social commentaries of feminism.” Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see when we can finally view them! 

Her Dream Artist To Work With

We were a little surprised to find out that Piera’s dream artist to work with is actually Noah Cyrus. She described Cyrus’ music as “gorgeous…it’s just beautiful and authentic and vulnerable and I feel like her heart is there for us to listen to and I can’t stop listening to her music!” We completely understand! I still can’t stop listening to “July!”

We are so excited to watch the rest of Piera’s journey! She has such a kind heart, committed to making the world a better place. 

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