Talking W/ The 1st Ever Black Bunny Playmate of The Year, Jordan Emanuel

Today on EntScoop Chats our host, Taylor Reardigan, spoke with the first Black Bunny Playmate of the Year, Jordan Emanuel! She had started off as a waitress and had never imagined her career with Playboy would come this far. “I really do hope that I can inspire people to follow what it is, what ever, they want to do because that’s really what I enjoy.” 

Emanuel has come so far, not just in Playboy, but in her other endeavors as well. Although her original plan was to not attend college, she took all the classes that pertained to her interests. She took so many courses in art history, music management and broadcast journalism that she was able to graduate with multiple degrees. Her accomplishments are beyond impressive and she is proving that woman embracing their sexuality and business can coexist. 

Some advice she gives for anyone thinking about diving into their dream is to “just do it.” She know’s it’s a lot easier said than done but it is the only way. You will regret not trying more than you will regret trying and failing. 

Playmate Of The Year

Jordan will be the last singular “Playmate of the Year” that Playboy will ever have. There are just so many worthy people that Playboy has decided to “celebrate everyone!” Some of her best memories are the ones that she made with her Playmate sisters and the staff. She stated that the work environment was always so warm and inviting!

Since Hugh Hefner’s death back in September of 2017, his son, Cooper Hefner has had control over the business. Emanuel said that although the medium on which Playboy is presented has changed it had still kept its core values. They are still “curating this lifestyle of being free and being liberated and being accepted.”

Jordan said if she could work or could have worked with any Playmate they would be Marilyn Cole, Jenny McCarthy, Kelly Monaco, Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson. Hopefully we can speak some into existence! 

Perfectting the Smize

Emanuel is a master of the smize. She said that she learned from episodes of America’s Next Top Model! “I always think of the vibe that I’m trying to portray…If I’m supposed to be angry or if I’m supposed to be happy…I think of a time, like a reference, of when I actually felt that way and it comes out.”

Women With Voices

Jordan came from a not so diverse suburban area in New Jersey and she found that she still wanted a sense of female community. The purpose of the Women With Voices organization is to bring women of all different walks of life together. It shouldn’t matter whether someone is married, has kids or what race or age they are. The point is simply to bond over the experience of being a woman.


Emanuel would also like to act as the bridge for the  “gap between associating being comfortable with your body, this is all we have. This is how we move. This is how we function & appreciating that somehow meaning that you’re somehow less intelligent or somehow not supposed to be in business or somehow not supposed to be talking about certain things, it doesn’t make any sense.” She is absolutely right! Women should be able to wear what they want in a business setting and still be taken seriously. 

Upcoming Projects

One of her upcoming projects that you should look out for is her line of swim wear. She says she is never able to find the type of swim wear that she wants, so she decided to make it. You can look for it in the spring of 2021! 

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