Taylor Reardigan Talks Her Personal Evolution as an Entertainer

 From on-screen to on stage, Taylor Reardigan has proven to be a trailblazer in the entertainment industry. Now with more than a few accolades and impeccable wisdom under her belt, Taylor is giving a peek inside her world as a passionate performer.

Taylor sat down with EntScoop to talk about finding her start, her ever-expanding career and what she wants the future generation of dancers to know. Scroll on to read the full Q&A with the multi-talented groundbreaker.

EntScoop: How did you get started in dance?

Reardigan: “When I was around three years old my mom played Riverdance on VHS for me and the rest is history. I fell in love with Irish Dancing after that. Apparently, I asked to re-watch the movie about five times a day. They didn’t have Irish Dancing in Newfoundland, where we lived at the time, so my mom actually found a new job in Edmonton, Alberta. There they had one of the top Irish Dancing schools and so we moved to pursue my passion!”

EntScoop: In what ways has your passion for performing evolved throughout the years?

Reardigan: “My passion has evolved with a love for all of the arts. It started off as Irish Dancing and now I have found a place in all aspects of the industry, such as acting, dancing, singing. Anything where I have the opportunity to express myself through art and movement of the body.”

EntScoop: What have you learned about yourself as a performer throughout your career? 

Reardigan: “I’ve learned that I’m strong, resilient and powerful. I’ve also come to learn that there is beauty in vulnerability. I used to be so caught up with being the best and caring how much others liked my craft. Getting so wrapped up in those thoughts, I forgot that I love what I do and that is what matters most. Now I perform for myself and for my passion. I feel my art’s power shows on a completely different level now that I’ve let the ego go.”

EntScoop: Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Reardigan: “Without a doubt, my mother. Success comes in many forms but she has taught me that without love behind what you do it’s just another career. With love, you can achieve anything because now you have the drive as well.” 

EntScoop: Any bucket-list projects you haven’t yet tackled?

Reardigan: “My absolute dream is to play Elle Woods on Broadway. I feel like my dreams are constantly changing as I change and grow myself. I’m looking forward to finding what else is out there for me too!”

EntScoop: If you could give an aspiring dancer one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Reardigan: “I have a tattoo that says ‘Dance while you can.’ It’s simple but means a lot. We never know how much time we have left to do what we love. So do it now and with everything you’ve got.”


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