Taylor Swift Comes For “The Man”

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By Grace Bain

Taylor Swift dropped her highly anticipated “The Man” music video today, February 27, 2020.

In the starting scene, a man (of course) stands in his office, overlooking the city in a power stance. He proceeds to walk out of his CEO workspace to join his employees, who all cheer him on.

In the next frame, Mr. Boss Man smokes a cigar on the subway, manspreading like no other. He proceeds to pee in the subway station on a wall full of graffiti, which the viewer can see are Taylor Swift’s previous album names. When the man walks away from his marked territory, the wall has a new special graffiti marking reading “The Man.” Artsy!

Then, the setting switches to a fancy yacht filled with models in strictly yellow bikinis. The man walks through his boat, as Taylor Swift sings about being like Leonardo DiCaprio in Saint-Tropez. A woman can dream.

Next, the man struts through a hallway, which looks a whole lot similar to the hallway in Kim and Kanye’s house. Colorful hands high five the man as he dances onward.

The man finds himself sitting at a water fountain in the next scene. He looks at the little girl next to him and decides to pick her up. Everyone around them cheers with astonishment, and a sign lights up reading “World’s Greatest Dad.” 

In another male moment, the man sits at a table, drinking with his friends. He and his buddies take a body shot of a stripper. They get absolutely wild. Animalistic, one might say. The viewer catches a glimpse of a dollar bill with the man’s face on it.

While playing tennis in another scene, the man gets aggressive and childish. He flips off the referee. He throws his racket. 

Finally, the man becomes an old man, and he marries a much younger-looking woman in a Vegas chapel.

The video then goes back through all the different scenarios of the man’s day-to-day, highlighting his cocky behavior. For example, back on the subway, he openly scratches at his groin. Why do boys do that like no one is watching? 

Then, the viewer hears “And cut,” and the camera pans out to show behind the scenes. The man approaches Taylor Swift, who is directing, and in a voice that undeniably belongs to The Rock, asks Swift how his performance was. She tells him to be more sexy and likable. An ironic twist in a world, where so many women in entertainment are told these words. She then tells the female actress of the scene that she did amazing.

In the closing credits, which really only list Taylor Swift as the director and producer, the viewer gets one last shock: the man was Taylor swift the whole time! Thanks to the power of makeup, everyone’s been duped.

Overall, Taylor Swift’s “The Man” music video is a great reminder that we are still living in a man’s world. We have a long way to go in reaching gender equality, but creating songs that empower women and that bring to light society’s mistreatment of females is a great start. 


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