Taylor Swift Rumored to Be Engaged to Joe Alwyn

A theory is circulating among Taylor Swift fans. Speculation about Taylor Swift‘s romantic life through her music is nothing new, but new evidence is surfacing about a possible engagement to her long time boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

The Story So Far 

The speculation kicked off back in January with the release of “Miss Americana.” Fans spotted what might have been an engagement ring in one shot of the film.

This, combined with the release of Folklore, for which Joe had co-written a few songs, has led many to further theorizing. The unambiguous expressions of love found on “Lover” have many have many fans convinced there might be a new label added to their relationship. One fan tweets, “You don’t write Paper Rings and not be engaged 2 years later.” Hard to argue. 

Now, in the process of Taylor’s re-recording songs in response to Scooter Braun’s refusal to return her master tracks, she released a snippet of “Love Story” in a collaboration with Ryan Reynolds. 

A Clue? 

The track accompanies an Ad for Match.com, but most notably- it features a slightly altered lyric, which fans think might be an Easter egg. The original lyrics to the 2008 song contains the line “It’s a love story, baby just say yes.” Love story 2.0 swaps “say” with “said.”

If this isn’t enough to convince you, another user commented on the presence of church bells that can be heard in the track- you can see where this might be going. While she is notoriously coy about her personal life, she is much more candid through her music, giving this theory a little more legitimacy.

Equally, it’s ever in character for Taylor to make the most out of conflict, and that might be exactly what she’s doing in her dispute with Scooter Braun now. 

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