Taylor Tries: Working Out With Celeb Trainer Kaley Hatfield

In this episode of “Taylor Tries”, Celeb Fitness Trainer Kaley Hatfield joins Taylor Reardigan and shows her all the tips and tricks she gives to her celebrity clientele.


If you want to follow along with this workout, the only equipment you’ll need are some weights, a mat, and yourself.

Booty Exercises

First, Kaley and Taylor focus on the booty. Which is very important if you’re planning on wearing shorts, dresses or anything form fitting. These exercises are compound, meaning you’re working out more than one muscle at a time. It’s time efficient and builds strength all around your body.

The first exercise done involves squatting. First, you grab your weight. You bend all the way over, making sure your booty is back. Then, you stand up and squat with your booty to the ground. Everything is supported with the stomach. So, squeeze your abs and roll your shoulders back. Do a few reps then rest. 

Next exercise starts with the weight in your left hand. You slide your left leg out and bend your upper half over just like with the first exercise. Then, you reset. Next, you bring your left leg back in a kneeling curtsey lunge. And stand. Don’t worry about watching yourself! Do a few reps then rest.

Kaley shows Taylor a few more exercises that focus on the booty. Including one that targets the triceps, upper back, and shoulders.

Ab Exercises

Then, of course, it’s time to focus on your midsection. If your look includes crop tops or bikinis, you’ll want to focus on this part! Again, the exercises Kaley and Taylor do are compound. You’ll be looking fit from top to bottom.

The first exercise involves you sitting on the edge of a firm surface. You hold onto the edge and hold your legs up. Then, you pull your knees to your chest and stretch your legs back out. Do this to the front, then to both sides. This focuses on your lower abs.

Next, Kaley shows Taylor a plank-based exercise. You start in a high plank then cross your right leg over underneath yourself. Then, bring your right leg back and do the same with your left leg. And repeat! Kaley and Taylor do use slides on their feet but it is not absolutely necessary!

 Another exercise Kaley and Taylor do are leg lifts with scissor kicks. You’ll definitely feel the burn with this exercise.

If you want to see more free workouts led by Kaley, visit her Instagram or Website. Kaley also works with MackFit Training Gym in North Hollywood. She’ll do private or partner sessions upon request!

About Kaley


Kaley Hatfield is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Professional Dancer who combines nutrition, life hacks and multiple styles of fitness such as weight training, HIIT cardio, and TRX with elements of dance including ballet barre, jazz techniques and Hip Hop grooves, to deliver fast, long-lasting results.

Kaley has worked with clients from all over the world and offers sustainable wellness programs for clients looking to improve all elements of their personal health and strengthen overall stamina.

Kaley has worked as a trainer for over 5 years and is widely known for her contagiously positive attitude, motivational support and personalized care when it comes to clients’ needs.

As a professional dancer, Kaley has graced the silver screen in Emmy Nominated TV Shows such as American Horror Story, Lip Sync Battle, Pitch Perfect 3, NBC’s The Voice, YouTube’s Escape The Night and Todrick MTV. Additionally, featured with various artists from Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld to Jason Derulo, Big Sean, and Sevyn Streeter.

Wherever you are in your journey, she’s committed to two things:

1. To support you every step of the way

2. Hold you accountable to becoming your best self!

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