Tayshia Adams’ Ex-Husband Has Spoken Out About Their Past Marriage

Josh Bourelle is breaking his silence and speaking out about his past marriage with Tayshia Adams. Josh was previously married to Bachelorette Tayshia Adams and is speaking out about the divorce for the first time. 

The reality star married Josh, her college sweetheart for about a year and a half before they split up in 2017. When on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor” in 2019, Tayshia first revealed her divorce as part of her backstory

The Relationship

I actually married my first boyfriend, and I was with him for about six years or so. I guess I could, kind of, sense we weren’t doing very well. And I think that’s why I fought so hard just to try and do as much as I possibly could [to save the marriage].” she said on season 23 of “The Bachelor. “

Tayshia also stated that it’s not hard for her to talk about the divorce on television because she has learned and grown from it. During season 16 of “The Bachelorette,” Tayshia hinted that infidelity caused the split. However, Josh seemed to have some thoughts of his own about the televised discussion of their marriage. 

Josh’s Thoughts

“Her going out and saying that I cheated on her and that was the reason for our divorce on national TV, I felt like, kind of crossed the line a little bit. I feel like she was using that as her sob story to make her look better. It was hurtful to me. We’re humans. She made just as many mistakes – maybe even more mistakes than I did over the course of our relationship,” said Josh. 

“I don’t think there needs to be a negative connotation about our relationship in the past. I mean I know that it failed, yes, but I think we’re both in a position now that’s a hell of a lot better now than we were when we were together. A lot of that is probably because we had to go through that period of our lives and we had to learn those lessons in order to get to the position we are at now. I think we are both in a place that we want to be in so I honestly think that we should just let each other live our lives separate and move on 100 percent and completely and not involve each other,” he added. 

“The whole goal with a divorce, in my opinion, especially when you don’t have kids, is to close the chapter and open up a new one. I’m done with that stage of my life. I don’t need to go back to it,” said Josh. 

Where Are They Now?

Josh is private on social media but has been with his new girlfriend for about a year and describes her as “amazing” and “feels blessed” to be in a healthy relationship where he can reflect.  He is also currently the co-CEO of D&J Roofing Inc and shared his struggles on a podcast with his current girlfriend about clients not being able to find his business online, only articles about his ex-wife.  

As for Tayshia, she is currently taking Clare Crawley’s spot in season 16 of  “The Bachelorette.” She admitted that her past relationships have affected her journey as the Bachelorette but is hopeful and ready to move on from the past.  

“I am dating 20 men on ABC, every single week, so the fact that we are continuously talking about my past relationship that was I don’t know, three years ago, I don’t get understand it. … He’s living his life, I’m living my life. … Why don’t we leave him alone?” Tayshia said on her Instagram story. 

At the end of the day, as long as they are both happy, that’s all that matters. It sounds like both Tayshia and Josh are in a better place surrounded by people they care about!


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