The 2021 Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

Love stinks. 

Of course, Valentine’s Day is the holiday for rose petals and assorted chocolates, but it’s also a dreadful 24 hours for bitter, lonely hearts and ex-couples.

Instead of scrolling through public affection on Instagram and listening to unbearable love songs, we created the perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist. If you’re wishing for a dream boyfriend or girlfriend, overcoming a bad break-up, or seeking independence, these six songs are the blueprint to anti-love.

Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo

It wouldn’t be an Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist without the record-breaking anthem of 2021. Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” is the perfect power ballad for heartache and break-ups. 

The “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” actress croons over piano chords, singing about an ex-lover who moved on from her. 

If you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day driving through your ex’s house, it’s probably not the best idea. However, this Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist has no limits.

B.S. by Jhené Aiko ft. H.E.R.

Speaking of driving through your ex’s house, you can “flex on your ex” with this R&B-trap infused collaboration with Grammy-nominated artists Jhené Aiko and H.E.R.

Aiko’s track from her third album “Chilombo,” takes on self-confidence and recklessness after a failed relationship. 

When you’re single, there are perks, and “B.S.” should encourage you to explore Valentine’s Day on your own terms.

Marvins Room by Drake

Canadian rapper Drake’s catalog is ideally the greatest for any Valentine’s Day sadness, but “Marvins Room” will surely get you in your feelings.

The 2011 hit is the song that, with liquid courage, will make you call your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and let out your feelings. 

Higher by Rihanna

Perhaps you broke up with your ex days before Valentine’s Day and you’re celebrating it alone with a bottle of Whiskey (or a liter of Coca-Cola). Like the previous song, you miss your ex and you’re in a bad headspace.

This album cut from Rihanna’s album “ANTI” is a two-minute cry for loneliness and attention. 

It’s pitiful, but Valentine’s Day is frustrating enough without someone to love.

I Love You by Billie Eilish

Next on our Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist is one of the most beautifully depressing songs of 2019. 

Singer Billie Eilish’s soft, vulnerable vocals, when she asks, “What the hell did I do?” fits perfectly with the confusion and loneliness most people endure on Valentine’s Day. 

If you’d rather lurk and dwell on your loneliness, “I Love You” will enhance those feelings respectively.

Forgive Me by Chloe x Halle

The breakthrough sister-duo Chloe x Halle released a banger that just oozes with “I’m better off,” “I’m over it,” or “I’m over you.” 

As soon as the song begins with “Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness,” the orchestral-trap song hits hard with unapologetic lyrics and sultry, yet aggressive vocals.

Fresh from Chloe x Halle’s Grammy-nominated album “Ungodly Hour,” “Forgive Me” is the anthem for moving on and getting back your time. 

On Anti-Valentine’s Day, this is your moment to thrive, with or without a lover by your side.

What songs are making your playlist? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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