The 8th Annual ‘The Soirée’

The Atmosphere

The 8th Annual ‘The Soirée’ took place Saturday evening at the Hilton in Universal City.

As guests trickled in, the atmosphere filled with smooth jazz, a saxophonist and none other than Frank Sinatra’s hits singing through the air.

The event, hosted by Grammy winner Al Walser, introduced the “Wold Entertainment Awards” and was packed with musicians, actors, comedians, television hosts, producers and models.

Many graced the red carpet in style, ready to kick off the music-infused Grammy weekend.

Al Walser

Notable Guests

The Soirée featured various Grammy-winning musicians such as two-time Grammy-winner Wouter Kellerman for Best Global Performance and Best New Age Album; actress Darlene Koldenhoven for Best Jazz Vocal Performance; Paul Avgerinos for Best New Age Album and Kitt Wakeley for Best Classical Compendium. 

The event also highlighted Grammy nominees Windwalker Dorn, Hank Bilal and Septimius the Great, and Grammy voting member Denise Fink.

Other star-studded guests included actress Sole Bovelli known for her role in The Offer and  Babylon; actress Kate Linder known for playing Esther Valentine on The Young and The Restless; Emmy-nominated actress Kira Reed Lorsch, singer-songwriter Harper Starling; Winner of Project Runway, Anthony Elle and Former President of MCA Records Ernie Singleton.

Sole Bovelli
Kate Linder
Harper Starling

Favorite Outfit Picks

Everyone did not shy away and came to The Soirée dressed to impress! Many were a force to be reckoned with for their hot, powerful carpet looks.

Singer-songwriter Chesney Clair stunned the carpet wearing an all-black sequence fit. From her cocktail dress and matching cloak to her knee-high boots and shades, she was the image of fashion.

Singer-songwriter Blair Woods came to slay! She wore a long pink gown with matching pink platform heels that are a must in everyone’s shopping bag. Gaudy silver earrings accompanied her outfit to a T, very picturesque.

Actress Mychal-Bella Bowman popped off in an animal print jacket, matching her chic sunglasses, hat and dainty Prada bag. The purple pants and platform heels sealed the deal, pulling her outfit together on the carpet.

Chesney Claire
Blair Woods
Mychal-Bella Bowman

Overall, The Soirée was full of uplifting music, radiant laughter and show-stopping outfits!

Until next year!

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