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‘The Bachelor’ Episode 7 Recap – Fight For Hometown Dates

Can you believe that next week is hometowns already? This episode of “The Bachelor” goes from 0 to 100 real quick! There only 4 women left at the end. 

Heather Martin in a white dress sitting with season 25 of "The Bachelor" bachelor Matt James

Heather Shoots Her Shot 

Making the other women very angry, Heather sits down to talk with Matt. This is a surprise to everyone. Matt looks happy to see her, but is also unsure of the reason that she’s there. 

Heather tells Matt that her friend Hannah Brown said that Matt would be perfect for her. Her presence has caused a cryfest for the contestants. Of course, it does suck that someone would try to come in so far into this process. At this point, hometowns are next week. 

The girls really gave Matt zero credit thinking that he might choose Heather over them. Matt tells Heather that he is already falling for people at Nemacolin. So his words were real when he shared his feelings with these women. Heather gets into her minivan to leave. 

One thing about Matt is that he is a man of his word. I find this season difficult to watch sometimes because of the women’s actions, but Matt is not a terrible bachelor. The women were so mean to Heather. They even accused her of bachelor hopping. As if contestants don’t go on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Heather cried by the end. She came in and behaved perfectly kind, and these women just do not know how to handle their emotions. 

The Rose Ceremony

Abigail believes that she and Matt have good connection. Serena C hopes that Matt knows how she feels. Which is how? Do they even really know each other? 

Bri gets the first rose followed by Rachael, Serena P., Kit, Jessenia, and Abigail. Going home is Chelsea and Serena P. 

Serena P and Matt James tantric yoga one on one season 25 of the bachelor episode 7

Serena’s One-on-One

The date was tantric yoga. The couple was put into some very sensual yoga poses. Matt was like really enjoying himself. He tried to kiss Serena, but she was visibly uncomfortable. After the date ends,  tells Matt after that she didn’t enjoy it, and he was actually surprised. 

The dates are planned by the producers, so it wasn’t his fault, but he said he had a good time. Serena was uncomfortable with the public display of affection. Even though their opinions of the date were very different, Matt was appreciative of the fact that she was willing to be open and honest with him. Serena P is the first to receive a rose for hometowns. That meansSerena’s family is coming to Nemacolin!

The Last Group Date

The last group date of the season takes place at the Lodge at Nemacolin. Matt tells the remaining contestants that if they have anything that they want to address, right now would be the right time. 

Bri tells him that she had to resign from her position in order to be on the show. OMG girl. Obviously, this must have been a very tough decision for her. It was her dream job. 

At this point, Abigail is the only girl left who has not had a one-on-one. She says that the journey has been difficult for her because they started off with a really good connection. Matt confesses that he did see a strong connection with her, but the more he began to explore the relationships with the other women, the more his heart was pulled in another direction.”The last thing I want to do is lead you on and lie to you because there is someone who is gonna put you first.” 

Abigail is walked out and leaves the group date without a rose. Abigail said, “I feel like I’m constantly the person that makes men realize what they want next, but they never want me.” I have never related to a statement more.

When Rachael sits down with Matt she is nervous that she can end up in the same position as Abigail. She tells Matt that she has found what she has been searching for her whole life. He says when he isn’t around her, he is thinking about her. This is the first time that I have actually seen Matt treat one of the women differently than the others. 

Kit sits with Matt to tell him that she wants to be with someone who is willing to watch her grow. She doesn’t want to have children until she is 25 or 26. I’m 26 and I think even that’s too soon. Keep that socialite career going girl. Matt says that he is in no rush and is willing to wait for Kit.

Rachael’s Surprise Date

At the end of the group date, Rachael gets the date rose. Matt surprises everyone by telling the women that he and Rachael will be heading out together for the rest of the evening! In my opinion, Rachael is the clear winner. Why else was Chris Harrison defending her so hard? Matt is seriously in love! 

The surprise in question: Aloe Blacc is going to perform a private concert for the couple! This is probably the biggest music artist that has ever been on “The Bachelor.” Rachael has an amazing time and says she is falling even harder for Matt. Rachael gets a rose and her family will be coming to Nemacolin. 

Kit Leaves “The Bachelor”

I don’t think that Kit was expecting to get this far on the show. She has a great life, and she is just too young to be giving all of that up. Part of her must have really been expecting Matt to send her home after she told him that she isn’t ready for a marriage and kids. 

Kit lets Matt know that she really is not ready for him to meet her family. She just is not as sure as the other women that Matt is the one for her. 

Jessenia’s One-on-One

This is a date that I would have loved to be on. Matt and Jessenia get to go drifting. Matt is an adrenaline junkie. They drift around in a red car and have an amazing time.

At dinner, things change. When asked how she feels about how she feels, Jessenia says that she is excited for Matt to meet her family. Unfortunately for her, Matt does not feel that their relationship has progressed enough for her to continue. Jessenia goes home at the end of the date. 

The Rose Ceremony

Bri gets the first rose and Michelle gets the final rose. This means that Pieper is going home home. Even after their cute carnival date! Pieper feels like her soul was stomped on.  

Now, we are down to the final four. This season has been a whirlwind, but it so close to the end. Next week’s episode looks great, and I cannot wait to see how everyone’s family’s react to Matt. 

Who do you think will go home on “The Bachelor” next week? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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