‘The Bachelor’ Episode Five Recap- Matt Addresses the Bullies

In this episode Matt steps in and puts a stop towards some unfavorable behavior.

Victoria continues with her bullying while promenading around the grounds with Kit. They discuss the “OGs versus newbies”  debacle. Victoria then calls Katie “disgusting.”

Matt addresses all of the women and says that he has been informed of the toxic household. He says, “If you’re having to belittle someone else for you to shine, those aren’t the qualities I’m looking for.” 

Addressing the Bullies

Obviously, Matt doesn’t want to spend the little time he has with these women talking about drama. Brittany tells Matt that Anna called her an escort. She said she has never dealt with bullying. She is scared that her mother watches this show. Matt takes the false accusation very seriously because he wants everyone to feel comfortable at Nemacolin. 

Anna said that she “made a mistake and said an off handed comment.” Umm, she didn’t just say it once..  so how big of a mistake can it be? Anna said that she felt bad immediately after. Okay Anna, you only feel bad because Matt knows. Matt handled the situation well. He tells Anna that he has also said things that he doesn’t mean and she isn’t a terrible person, but he does send her home. I hope she learns and grows from the experience. Suddenly everyone realizes that being a total bitch on a nationally televised dating program is a bad look, so they corner all the new women and aggressively apologize to them. 

The girls talk and Chelsea says that “bullying” and “toxic” are too strong of words for the situation. How? Matt continues to ask the new girls about the toxicity in the house. Victoria had called Ryan a “hoe” because she is a dancer.

The Rose Ceremony

Victoria is literally delusional. She knows that Ryan told Matt about her constant digs. Victoria goes to talk to Matt to tell him that it isn’t like her at all. She says the girls are liars.

 No, you’re a mean girl Victoria. While talking to the producers, Victoria says that she never wants to be called a bully, then proceeds to call Katie a “f*cking loser.” 

Matt cancels the cocktail party and goes straight to the rose ceremony. He gives the first two roses to new girls Brittany and Ryan.  Brittany, Ryan, Rachael, Serena P, Magi, Kit, MJ, Jessenia, Katie, Abigail, Chelsea, and Serena C all get roses. Victoria’s reign is finally over.

Rachael’s One on One

Rachael is lucky enough to get the first one on one of the week. Matt takes her to see a celebrity stylist, and they try on a ton of amazing outfits. The two appear to be having a lot of fun together. Then he gives her RED BOTTOM SHOES!! Even if she doesn’t leave with Matt, at least she can leave with some amazing stuff. 

Matt says that Rachael makes him feel like home because she is from Georgia and they have similar ways that they want to present themselves. The more time he spends with Rachael, the  stronger their relationship gets. Rachael heads back with a ton of bags and receives a giant blue box with a blue gown in it, seemingly to destroy other women’s emotional defenses. During the evening portion of the date, Matt asks why Rachael has not been in love. She talks about her insecurities. She gets a rose. 

The Group Date

The next date card arrives. Serena P, Bri, Katie, Pieper, Serena C, Ryan, Michelle, Brittany. Magi, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, and MJ go on a date to the farm part of the hotel.

Part of the date includes shoveling poop and being pushed around in a wheelbarrow. The actual farm portion of the date isn’t too exciting except for when Matt sneaks off to make out with Pieper. This makes a lot of the women upset because they just realized that they are all dating the same man. 

Matt takes Chelsea aside first he tells her that they have a deep connection. Abigail talks to Matt about how if she has children, it’s likely that her children will be born deaf. It is heartbreaking that she has a fear that a man would be put off by this fact. She also tells him about when her father left after her and her sister got their cochlear implants. Matt says that he cannot imagine, but he did also have a father who left and he would never do that. He then makes Michelle feel special and tells her they have a deep connection. This guy is really for everyone. I can’t tell if he is genuinely having connections with these women, if he’s just too nice, or if he is an undercover player. 

Matt then talks to MJ about how she is an antagonist at the resort. MJ decides she needs an apology from whoever told Matt about her. There is no way that MJ can be a bully, she preaches LOVE and HARMONY, okay? Jessenia tells MJ that she is the one who told Matt that MJ created the JV versus Varsity taunt. More petty fighting happens! Abigail gets the group date rose, as she should. 

Kit’s One on One

Kit gets the last one on one of the episode. She is a 21 year old influencer who is definitely on the show for the right reasons. I mean her Instagram is adorable, so she gained at least one follower on this journey, but I’m not sure that she gives big “ready for marriage” vibes. 

Matt knows that Kit loves to cook, so they bake together. Kit talks about how her mother is a very successful fashion designer, so she grew up privileged. Matt asks, “What would our life after this look like,” Kit says, “It would look like tonight.” Matt feels that they have a deep connection and gives her a rose. 

Finally, Matt asks Jessenia and MJ to meet him at the cocktail party early to get to the bottom of this. Jessenia is telling the truth and sitting calmly while MJ feels that she is being extremely childish. She preaches love and harmony by telling Jessenia to be quiet. We won’t get to see the conclusion of the mean girl saga until next week!

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