‘The Bachelor’ Episode One Recap- First Impressions

It’s a new year, and an all new season of “The Bachelor.” The turn around from “The Bachelorette” to “The Bachelor” was so fast! Honestly, it’s what we deserve. Already, this season is showing that it will be much different. Number one, it’s not being filmed in 112° weather. Number two, Matt James is the first ever Black bachelor. Number three, Matt is completely new to the Bachelor franchise.  

When the episode first started I thought, “What in the patriarchy?” The show is being filmed at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, PA while The Bachelorette took place in the dessert? Palm Springs is fun to visit, but I wouldn’t want to spend my whole summer there. The resort is even more luxurious than the mansion in Los Angeles. Basically, La Quinta is me and Nemacolin is the girl he told me not to worry about. 

Who Is Matt James?

Unlike many of the previous bachelors, Matt has no former affiliation with the franchise. Viewers are going in just as blind as the women. However, Matt isn’t a complete stranger to the universe, he is best friends with former Bachelorette contestant, Tyler Cameron. Matt is also the very first Black bachelor. The show is notoriously known for its lack of diversity, so it seems as though they are trying to make up for previous exclusivity. 

In order to introduce Matt to the viewers, producers start off with him sharing a bit about himself. Some things we know about him are that he was a college athlete, he does volunteer work with children, and he is biracial. They also show his mom who looks like a total boss and raised him by herself. 

Matt’s Fears

Before the women arrive to greet Matt in front of the gorgeous Nimacolon, he asks Chris Harrison if they can sit down and talk. Matt has fears because he has never been in love. He’s 28. RED FLAG. Is he really going to be ready to get engaged at the end of this? Seems sus. 

The next thing that Matt wants to talk about is his fears related to being the first ever Black bachelor. He feels that there is a lot of pressure on him as such. Matt tells Chris that he is afraid because people might expect him to “end up with a certain kind of person.” This is tough as it is no lie that audiences can be opinionated and Bachelor Nation never holds back. 

Either way, Chris Harrison does his best, but he was perhaps not the best man for this job. Hopefully the show brings on someone else to help Matt sort through these questions about race. Calling Mike Johnson and Rachel Lindsay, hello? 

The Women

If we thought that Bachelor Nation was ready to opt for older women, we were wrong. Clare’s batch of men, who ended up fighting for Tayshia, were mostly in their 30s or late 20s. Matt is only 28, so it makes sense that his contestants would be closer to his age, but the youngest contestant is 21 years old. There’s nothing wrong with being 21 per se, but I wouldn’t have wanted to get married at 21, and I definitely would have gone on the show for Instagram followers.. 

I will not in any way tear down women for how they look, but I will say, a lot of them do have that very ‘Instagram baddie’ look that many admire and few can achieve. I was pleasantly surprised that the entire group of contestants was not comprised just of blonde women who look nearly identical. Again, I’m white and blonde, it’s fine, but it gets a bit boring when you can hardly tell the contestants apart! Loving the diversity!

Memorable Entrances

There were a few women who definitely stood out when arriving to greet Matt at the Nemacolin. Alicia, a professional ballerina, came out of the limo dancing. Khaylah arrives in a pickup truck because they’re both from North Carolina. Matt calls it “a nice whip.” Saneh says that she is the “greatest of all time” or goat, and shows off her goat slippers. Interesting. Alana pulls out a plate of spaghetti so they can “Lady and the Tramp” their way to the first kiss. Kaili shows up in lingerie and a robe and asks Matt to choose her dress for the night. Bold. Magi is impressive because she is an Ethiopian pharmacist with an amazing accent. Katie tells Matt that she wants to give him something that helped her get through quarantine and pulls out A VIBRATOR. Honestly, it was a good joke, and she could have left it at that, but she carried that thing around all night. Victoria is brought in wearing a tiara on a throne carried by four men. She calls Matt a king. Chelsea is drop dead gorgeous in a revealing black dress (she’s a model of course). Kit, the 21 year old, arrives in a Bentley because the limo was a bit too “ride share” for her. ABC’s website describes Kit as a socialite and fashion entrepreneur. She definitely gives off I’m better than you vibes, and her mom is a famous fashion designer. I smell a villain story cooking. 

Cocktail Party

Before the cocktail party, Matt said a prayer and was met with multiple “amens” from the contestants. He said that he likes to pray whenever he is nervous. One woman starts crying. The cocktail party begins like most. The women are all fighting for his time. Queen Victoria talks to him twice. Some women are upset that they haven’t spoken to Matt at all. Abigail seems to be the first person to have real chemistry with Matt. She was born deaf, and the two discuss how her older sister paved the way for her. There is some silence and they start kissing. Abigail gets the first impression rose at the end of the night. Matt and Mari talk about her family back in Puerto Rico. She thanks him for asking about the hurricanes. They are having this deep conversation then vibrator girl taps Mari with her vibrator?! She says it’s never been used, but the principle of the matter! I would’ve tapped Katie with my fist. Just kidding!! Annoying though. 

The Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony begins and Matt (and the producers) must send home some of the 32 women that he hardly news. At the end of the rose ceremony, only 24 women remain. Alicia, Emani, Saneh, Amber, Corrine, Carolyn, Casandra, and Kimberly are sent home. I don’t know enough about these women to be sad, but justice for Alicia the professional ballerina and Saneh, who is adorable. 

First episodes are always weird because they’re awkward, but I cannot wait for the rest of the season. 

Who were your favorites of the night? Drop a comment down below and let us know!

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