Matt James and Tyler C play pool on episode 6 of the bachelor. Matt and Tyler C are standing around a green felt pool table.

‘The Bachelor’ Episode Six Recap – A New Girl in Town

“The Bachelor” is back this week to show us Matt’s journey to find love. I found myself liking Matt as the bachelor a lot more this week.

 On the last episode, MJ was angry with Jessenia for telling Matt that she was creating a toxic environment.Matt chose to set up a two-on-one to get to the bottom of the situation. MJ reminds herself that she is not a weak bitch. She feels that Jessenia is just trying to tear her  down (she’s not).

After having a conversation with both women, Matt makes a decision. A rose is given to Jessenia. MJ joins the other mean girls who have left Nemacolin. Don’t worry, the souls of the departed women enter a new mean girl this episode, so there is still some juicy drama. 

The Rose Ceremony

That’s right, no cocktail party again. Matt is confident that he knows what he wants and goes straight to the rose ceremony. 

Serena C. gets angry because she feels that the cancellation is due to the fact that Katie brought up toxicity in the house. Obviously the women were upset that they once again lost time with Matt. 

However, Serena C. has decided that it is Katie’s fault specifically. Ryan and Brittany, the last of the new girls, and Magi do not get a rose. Serena C. did. After Dylan Barbour’s Twitter rant, it kind of makes you wonder if the producers are behind this. I personally have seen no connection between her and Matt, so why is she still here? 

New Drama at Nemacolin

Serena C. has taken it upon herself to let Katie know exactly why she is angry with her. She pulls Katie aside to talk (which is honestly better than the bullying tactics used by former mean girls). 

Basically, Serena C. thinks that if Katie had never called out the toxicity of the house, then Matt never would have cancelled any cocktail parties. Of course, it would make zero sense to be upset with the girls who were causing drama, right? 

Like me, Katie does not understand how any of this is her fault. Yes ,she addressed the issue with Matt, but Victoria and her gang were really mean and something had to happen to change that. 

The two get into a heated screaming match that doesn’t end well. Serena C. seems to think that Katie is not here for the right reasons. 

When Serena C. goes back to the girls, she tells them that Katie said her main focus is not to be with Matt. This was not something that Katie ever said. Kit was on my side. She tells producers that she is not sure why Serena is upset with Katie. Jessenia speaks out and tells the girls that everyone should just let the drama be. 

Heather’s Here?

Heather, who competed on Colton’s season of “The Bachelor” arrived at Nemacolin in a minivan. Heather is super adorable and bubbly. She was known for having her first kiss on national television during her season. Suddenly, she wants to have a chance to be with Matt. 

Heather asks to speak to Chris Harrison. She tells Chris that her good friend Hannah Brown thinks she and Matt would make a great couple. This is shocking to even after everything that has happened this season. Seems like Hannah could have thought of this before Matt went on “The Bachelor.”

Chris has to “talk to a lot of people” before Heather can stay. Due to COVID-19 precautions, she has to quarantine and be tested. If the girls were unhappy with five new girls last week, imagine how they’ll feel about this! Spoiler – not great. 

During her quarantine, Heather films some vlogs. They include some footage of her balancing a pizza box on her head and pretending to be Rapunzel as she calls out for Matt. 

Pieper’s One-on-One

“I have had my eye on Pieper since the first night she got here,” said Matt before the one-on-one.

They are going to have a carnival. The carnival during Tayshia’s season had a $5 budget and this one had a $5million budget, probably. The difference between the two is crazy!

This carnival had multiple rides, cotton candy, games, lights. This was a very cute date. The couple had a great time together. During the dinner portion of the night, they got very deep about family life and how they each express love. The conversation seemed very genuine. Matt actually said the right things when Pieper opened up to him!

Pieper’s spot in my top 5 is solidified. Pieper tells Matt that she is falling in love with him. Guess what, he feels the same! Naturally, Pieper gets a rose at the end of the date. 


Matt James toasts four women. They are wearing pink bowling shirts. They have won on the group date.

The Group Date

This group date is bowling. Super fun idea. Much better than the boxing idea. The girls are split up into two teams. Each team is vying for the chance to spend the cocktail hour with Matt. 

The whole group of women has fun at the bowling date. The pink team wins. So, Michelle, Chelsea, Jessenia, and  get to have a romantic night with Matt. This leaves Rachael, Abigail, Serena C., Bri, and Kit to walk back to the resort. 

At this point, the competition is nearing its end. Time spent with Matt is the ultimate prize. Anger fills the women on the losing team. Abigail is “not even upset,” she’s, “angry.”

Chris Harrison comes to tell the women that Matt feels terrible, so they are invited to the after party too. Chelsea and the other women are upset. 

Matt spends some one-on-one time with the women. Serena P. tells Matt that she is falling for him. At the end of the date, Matt gives Michelle the date rose. 

Tyler C. Makes a Visit

Bachelor Nation alum Tyler C. and Matt’s roommate comes to visit Nemacolin. His presence really brings out a light in Matt. The two discuss his relationships and how he should proceed in the competition. 

He asks Matt if he can see himself proposing at the end of the season. Matt does. Wonder who the lucky lady will be!

Katie’s One-on-One

The final date of the week is Katie and Matt’s one-on-one date. Luckily for us, the date featured a shirtless Tyler C.The couple plays a prank on Tyler who thinks that he is just getting a massage at Nemacolin. In reality, Matt and Katie were behind the scenes telling his masseuse what to do.

The masseuse played out their funny pranks like rolling his back super hard. She even pretended to answer her phone in the middle of the massage and tell her friend that she was giving Tyler a massage. 


While the couple appeared to be having a lot of fun together, Matt did not feel the romance in the air. At the end of dinner, he told Katie that he wanted to be completely honest in this process. She did not receive a rose. I did get a big ‘friend’ vibe. The date looked so fun though! Justice for Katie. No, Katie for “The Bachelorette” please!

As always, we are left with a cliffhanger. Heather Martin shows up to the cocktail party and the women are livid. We won’t get to see what happens until next week’s episode of “The Bachelor”!

What do you think about Heather’s arrival at Nemacolin? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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