‘The Bachelor’ Episode Two Recap – Queen Victoria

This week brought another dramatic episode of “The Bachelor.” Matt James has a record number of women to choose from this season. To help him make his decision, there will be two one on one dates and one group date. Unfortunately, not all of the women will get the chance to have a date with Matt before this week’s ceremony. 

This week brought with it a very clear villain in Queen Victoria. She makes it very clear that she has no interest in befriending the other women and is only here for Matt’s attention. She tells the other contestants, “I’m literally so sick of you guys. I want to hang out with Matt.” Wow, I am uncomfortable with the energy created in this room right now. 

The First One on One

The first one on one date of Matt James’ season is with Bri. She is and adorable communications manager from San Francisco. They ride ATVs through the wilderness and get a little muddy. It appears the two are having fun, and Bri eventually gets on the back of his ATV. Matt accidentally toppled over into the mud. Luckily neither of them got hurt, but Matt was so scared about her mom’s reaction. 

After the ATV ride they move on to the hot tub part of the date. Matt takes off his shirt to cut this log with an axe, and she cannot stop staring at him. I don’t really know what the log was for, but he cut it in one swing. I noticed that his pants were dangerously low, like was he wearing underwear? I can see why Bri can’t look away!

Matt and Bri talk and he asks about her relationship with her family. Her mother got pregnant with her at 13. She never dated while Bri was growing up, so it always Bri and her mom. Now, her mom is pregnant and is starting a new family. Bri goes on to say that her dad wasn’t around a lot growing up. Matt resonated with this a lot because he said his dad also wasn’t around when he needed him the most. The two had a lovely date overall. At the end of the date, Bri gets a rose. 

The Group Date

Next up is the group date where Victoria further alienated herself from the group. The date card said “I’m looking for the one.” There are 18 women on this date, so the women really have to fight for their time with Matt. 

Bachelor Nation’s beloved photographer Franco is here to take wedding pictures. 

All of the women put on wedding gowns and prepare to take ‘wedding’ pictures with Matt. Jessenia gets a picture kissing Matt. Victoria ends up cutting in line for her photo shoot. She really doesn’t care about making friends. Half of the girls did not get photo shoots because they moved on to the second part of the group date. 

For the second part of the date, the women split up into two teams in order to get a chance to go to cocktail hour with Matt. The game was capture the flag-ish with paint involved. Very confusing. Mari gets the most honorable bride and gets to join the red team on the date with Matt. 

The night portion of the date was pretty low key. Matt bonds with Lauren, a 29 year old corporate attorney,  about their faith and their desire to have a relationship rooted in Christianity. Jessenia opens up about dealing with infidelity in past relationships, and Matt assures her that he would never be unfaithful. The date rose goes to Lauren and Victoria is not very happy about not getting the rose.

Sarah’s One on One

Sarah gets the second one on one. They fly together in a tiny plane over all of the beautiful foliage. Sarah says that she has walls up. At dinner Matt asks her to get deeper about her family. Her dad has ALS. She stopped her media broadcasting career to stay home and be a caregiver for her dad. She talked so lovingly about him.

Matt says that he is amazed by her and its amazing she is even here looking for love. They seem so cute and vulnerable with each other. They kiss. Get in the hot tub. Sarah’s body screamed “Keep going to the gym!” at me, it is absolutely perfect. At the end of the date, she gets a rose. I feel like Sarah is definitely a front runner in this competition. Her connection with Matt has seemed the strongest so far. 

The Rose Ceremony

Victoria pulls Matt away during the cocktail hour. She said Marylynn was her roommate but bullies her in the house. She lies, manipulates and is toxic. Victoria… Stop. Why . ew. Now with this false information, Matt decides to confront Marylynn. Marylynn is excited to talk to Matt twice, but turns out he thinks she is a bully and doesn’t know who to believe.

The rose ceremony begins but doesn’t last long, as Sarah nearly collapses and is about to faint. The episode ends on a cliff hanger as medics rush to assist Sarah. It seems this season may be one of the most dramatic yet!

What do you think will happen next episode when the rose ceremony continues? Drop a comment below and let us know! Be sure to check out our latest article on Scott Disick and his flirty exchange with Kourtney Kardashian!


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