The Bachelorette Episode 11 Recap – Hometowns at La Quinta

Tayshia continues to be one of my favorite bachelorettes ever. Her grace and  make her very likeable, so it’s no wonder these men are falling in love with her. 

Another thing about Tayshia is that she has followed her heart throughout this process and has chosen four amazing guys for hometowns. Chris Harrison lets the four remaining men know that they will not be taking Tayshia to their hometowns, but their families will be coming to the La Quinta after quarantining and being tested for Covid-19. Begs the question if the rejected guy’s families were quarantined too, but that isn’t addressed. 

For their part, the producers tried to make the dates interesting, but not being able to actually leave the bubble made the whole thing a bit boring. COVID-19 has done much worse, so I will accept the fact that we still have entertainment. 

Hometown Dates


Brendan’s brother comes as Brendan’s father figure. Their father passed away and his brother acted as a father figure throughout his life. Brendan says “Family is so important to me” no fewer than 10 times, so I think family is really important to him. Brendan wants to give Tayshia a small town experience. There is a carnival set up where he and Tayshia play games with Brendan’s niece, Aliyah. Adorable!  Tayshia is excited because she saw a more playful, relaxed side of Brendan. Still rooting for him.


Zac’s date is next. He is from New York, so he attempts to give Tayshia the big apple experience. Together they hail a fake cab and hit a bagel stand. 

Zac’s mom is already crying the second that she meets Tayshia because Zac can’t stop smiling. A lot of talk about his smiles. Zac’s brother gets serious with Tayshia about the other relationships that she is in. She doesn’t really address the fact that they are on a literal dating show and he needs to chill. Zac says that he wants  a family and marriage and children and he was hiding the part of himself that wanted that. Right now Zac is a front-runner for me. 


Ivan, adorable, precious Ivan’s date is next. Ivan’s parents come to the “hometowns” and they are so cute. His mom is skeptical about how fast things are going. Then the surprise of the year happens, Ivan’s brother Gabriel shows up! He has talked about Gabriel in the past because he was in prison for four years. This sparked the conversation about the BLM movement. You can visibly see how much Ivan and Gabriel love each other. I cried. 

“The Bachelorette” has a mostly white audience, and this season has really brought to light how white centric the show has been. Having Gabriel share his experience was so touching and necessary for the current climate. Ivan and Tayshia are amazing together. Great date. 


Ben’s date comes last. He brings his sister and a family friend who just so happens to be Antonia from “Top Chef“!!

Ben tries to show Tayshia the Venice Beach experience. Ben feels really good going into the night portion of the date but Tayshia feels like there’s something about Ben that she doesn’t know or that’s missing. This is so strange because just last week, Ben opened up about his eating disorder. It’s fine if Tayshia isn’t feeling it, but to say he isn’t opening up? Just rude honestly. Ben tells the producers that he loves Tayshia, but he can’t get the words to come out to her. 

The Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony goes exactly as expected. The final three are Brendan, Zac, and Ivan. Tayshia takes Ben outside and it’s almost like she is begging him to say I love you. After he’s been eliminated! What was supposed to happen she changes her mind and sends someone else home? It’s a bit unfair to Ben because she just isn’t good with feelings, but Tayshia’s other relationships are much farther. 

Hopefully I can move to Venice and date Ben instead. Sorry Tayshia. 

Next week there is a two episode FINALE! Who do you think Tayshia will choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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